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New planter--Lets all keep our fingers crossed it doesnt come crashing down out of the ceiling!

New planter--Lets all keep our fingers crossed it doesn't come crashing down out of the ceiling!

How great is this planter!?  A gift from my mother, I got this planter about two weeks ago and I have been obsessed with it for even longer!  Some friends of ours have a neighbor that has a planter very similar to this one that I have had my eye on since we met them in February. I have been so intrigued by it and thought it the most clever way to display their plants! Mom and I spotted one in Ellis Pottery when we were shopping for Texas mums and I had to take it home with me.  They have the hanging variety (which was my choice) and they also make a stand that sits on the ground and essentially does the same thing. I’m not going to lie to you.  I am a little scared that this first go around might have a disastrous fate as it’s heavy as lead and even though the hook it’s hanging on appears to be holding the weight just fine, I am a little apprehensious.

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Sledd Nursery

Sledd Nursery, Austin, TX

Mr. Fancy Pants and I had quite the adventure on Sunday afternoon.  We discovered some great places in Austin that we’d never been before!  That’s one of the things that I have grown to love about Austin, or big cities I guess, is how you can live here for years and never see it all.  I feel like there is always a new leaf to uncover if I feel the need for an adventure.

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My jungle

I am currently taking my ‘green thumb’ out for a test run.  I have always been convinced that I was bound to kill anything that was supposed to grow in a pot or in the ground.  Mainly because I would just forget about it eventually and the poor weed would die a slow and, what I imagine would be, painful death.  I can just hear them now–three weeks of silently crying out, in a very horse and scratchy voice of course, for water and what do I do?  Let it die.

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