multnomah falls

Mrs. Fancy Pants is the wife of the notorious Mr. Fancy Pants, Will Bryant, a freelance illustrator in Portland, OR.  But enough about him.  Mrs. Fancy Pants also answers to the name of Sally.  She loves being a wife and is enjoying her now seventh year of marriage with the aforementioned curly-headed Mr. Fancy Pants.

She also loves cooking, sewing, reading, being cozy, trying to justify celebrating Christmas year-round, and making people smile. Sally has most recently developed a growing (nice pun) interest in gardening (without a garden).

This blog is Mrs. Fancy Pants’ attempt to infiltrate the 90% of her husband’s life that is consumed by the internet.  Here goes…

  1. Melanie said:

    I like this blog description! Can’t wait to read more posts. :]

  2. yael said:

    so nice to ‘meet’ you!! 🙂 will is a lot of fun. (btw your picture above is really cute!) i’m glad to have a chance to get to know you a little better. yay for the ladies (espec. married ones)

  3. jan said:

    Yes, fun to see your blog, looking forward to reading it!

  4. You are so adorable. I miss you…like TONS AND TONS!!! Keep blogging!! You’re so good at it!!!

  5. Natalie Schmidt said:

    Sal! You are so presh! Love the blog!

  6. Mr and Mrs Fancy Pants… After paging through your blog trying to find the reclaimed wood bed, I feel like I know you… Can I just call you FP2? (For Fancy Pants Squared)…

    Love the bed – we are going to do the same out of some reclaimed wood. Do you have any idea how much this cost you to make? Did you buy the 2×4’s for the base frame? I’m assuming from some of your notes about visiting Home Depot that you bought all of the galvanized pipes and flanges… Also, did you attach the headboard to the wall? Did you attach the frame to the headboard?

    • Haha! Sure, We’ll answer to that! We’ve probably been called worse! 🙂

      Ok, as for the bed, the wood for the backboard was free, of course considering it came from my parents. Yes, we bought the 2x4s for the base frame. There is that little drawing on the post that shows what we were working from. We really were winging it. Ha!

      We attached the headboard to the wall but we did NOT attach the frame to the headboard. Let me tell you, that base is STURDY. It isn’t going ANYWHERE. The headboard is attached to the wall with an U-shaped bracket that screwed into the wall and into the headboard. We did four of those, one in each corner.

      The hardware for the bottom of the bed was the most expensive part. My estimate is between the hardware and wood it probably cost $125 total, $100 of that being for the metal hardware.

      I know that is not super helpful, but feel free to email me with any questions you come across!

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