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Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants! And our sweet friend creepin’ in our photo at Lone Fir Cemetery.

I hope that everyone had a very happy Halloween.  We were pretty low key last night.  We did our costumin’ on Saturday night.  We did make one pretty great stop yesterday evening.  We met some awesome friends at Lone Fir Cemetery for The Tour of Untimely Departures.  Here was the description of the evening:

Meet some of Lone Fir’s “residents” at their graves and hear the unusual circumstances surrounding their untimely departures. Ghostly guides will also share some of the history on Lone Fir as they take you through the cemetery on a path lit with candles.

Not going to lie, it was really neat.  They had candles in brown bags, jack-o-lanterns, and torches all over the place which made it a little erie but mainly really beautiful.  I have driven by the cemetery several times but knew nothing about it.  Our friends told us about the event tonight and we thought it would be a fun thing to try out!  Lone Fir is Portland’s oldest cemetery, on the National Register of Historic Places, and home to over 25,000 burials.  Our guide also told us that the cemetery alone has over 100 species of trees and 100 species of birds living among its 30 acres.

They had actors dressed up like a lot of the “residents” who told the stories of their lives and how they died.  A lot of them were connected (father, daughter, cousin, etc.) which made for an interesting story as we wove through the cemetery.  It was really dark by the time we got started so the only light was from the candles and torches.  I probably would have been a little scared had there not been such a large crowd just on the other side of the fence waiting for their turn inside.  They didn’t allow any pictures so the one above is the only one I snapped.  I would have loved to take a few pictures of the “actors”.  They looked amazing.

For me it was the perfect blend of history and spooky.  Not jump out of your skin scary but still a little erie.  And I learned a lot which I always like!  I am very curious as to where the Friends of Lone Fir Cemetery got their information/research on the residents.  That I would like to know!  They knew so much about their lives and death.  It was really interesting.  AND at the very end, they had some volunteers from The Audubon Society of Portland there with two REAL OWLS!  I’ve never seen one that close before.  They were beautiful!  That’s what I love about this city.  You attend one amazing event and they’re pointing you towards the next!  My next stop: The Audubon!

The Eagle Scout and his campfire!

Presenting…..The Eagle Scout and his campfire!!!  Mr. Fancy Pants and I were invited to a Halloween party this past weekend.  We had such a great time with new friends we’ve made up here in Portland. We threw around a few ideas of what to be but I had seen this idea on a sweet girl from my hometown’s blog and I decided we could do this too!  So, I’m sad to say this was not an original idea, BUT it still turned out great!  I began our costume gathering by asking my amazing mother-in-law to ship us William’s Eagle Scout uniform/get up from Dallas.  Not much else we had to do for him but buy him a pair of pants that would fit!  I used the ole Google tool to find some campfire costume inspiration and ran across this.

Now this lady made this costume for her daughter and theirs looks way more legit than mine (not to mention the fact that it lights up like a real fire), but I used theirs as inspiration and I was very pleased with the turn out!  I used a hula hoop as my structure, vinyl table cloths for the flames, fabric and tissue for the rocks, and foam sheets for the logs!

The campfire, flight attendant, egg (her other half was bacon), and an Ewok (costume contest winners! AMAZING costume!)
William & Eric (who will soon become some lucky Portland high school football team’s biggest fans)
The flight attendant and campfire (aka Sally & Rachel)

There were so many creative costumes at the party!  I was very impressed!  I will say that traditionally I am not one to plan and plan on my Halloween costume.  I’m more your ‘throw it together at the last second with whatever you have’ type girl when it comes to Halloween.  Not this year though!  I was SO excited about our costume.  I ended up wearing just some black running gear underneath the costume (hence the camera flash catching the reflector on my shirt in 90% of the photos).  Not sure if you can see my shoes in any of the photos, but I had on red shoes!

The ONLY thing that would have made it better (minus the lights like my inspiration costume had–which was WAY beyond my crafting abilities) would have been if my headband had been smoke not more flames.  But I never could find a way to make the cotton stand up!

Bacon and Eggs (aka Josh and Shannon)
Us with Margot and Chad who were in from Chicago!!!
My sweet friend Elsa aka the Ewok!! She made these costumes for her and her husband! They were amazing!

One of the funniest parts of this whole experience was William telling everyone about being an Eagle. He spent about 30 minutes filling me in on all of his patches while I finished getting ready and then everyone at the party was so intrigued by it!  Several people didn’t realize that it was his actual get up from being an Eagle Scout.  We had to fill them in that he wasn’t EXACTLY dressed to regulation.  He didn’t have on his official scout belt or pants.  But considering the last time he was in those pants he was 18 years old…we weren’t going there.  A greenish pair from JCREW was as close as we were getting!

As great of a costume as it was, I would just like to digress for a second and say how proud I am that he finished his Eagle.  We dated throughout high school so I was there through all of the times he wanted to throw in the towel.  And while he was teaching me about the merit badges the other night was the first time I realized how much went in to and was required for each one that he earned!  Let me just say…for an 18 year old boy interested in sports and his friends and a little bit of me…I’m just impressed that he pushed through!  HUGE honor!  Way to go Eagle Scout William! 🙂  He would have NEVER finished had it not been for his best friend Ryan (also an Eagle Scout), Ryan’s dad Dr. B (who was his Scout Master–wrote a little something about him here), and his own daddy-o (my incredible father-in-law)!

The Eagle, the campfire, and the greaser witch (aka KBB!)
Just poppin’ a squat on the floor…because I was too round to sit on any of the furniture. So I sat in the middle of the floor.
Just sitting around the campfire…

One downside to the costume?  I took up a LOT of room.  I had a hard time mingling once all the guests started to arrive.  I camped (pun intended) myself in the living room and let people wander in my direction.  I had many a crowd gathered around the campfire throughout the evening.  What better place to tell stories!?  Ha!

I’ll leave you with one last picture of the Eagle Scout and his campfire!  Happy Halloween y’all!

The Bryants!

Tonight I found my newest obsession.  I know I have mentioned this before but I love a good invitation, card, etc. I think that is part of the reason we put so much time into our Christmas cards each year. There is something really satisfying about opening a really well designed card or invitation. All that said, I am that person that has a box FULL of invitations that I have received over the years that I love.  What I’m going to do with them is beyond me.  But, I have them!

Tonight I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Sugar and Charm and she posted today about Paperless Post.  The post caught my eye because of the selected images of invite designs she had used for her landing page.  I clicked on the link to Paperless Post and what do you know?!  I have no idea how I haven’t heard of this company before!  It is a similar idea to evite, but WELL designed.  They have hundreds of invitation designs and they are all completely customizable.

I posted about how I was hosting our Ladies Crafting Spectacular Pumpkin Carving get together in my post this past Saturday.  I had planned on just sending out an email which is what I always do.  But I thought about how excited I am when I get a break from electric and internet bills in the actual mail, and what is so different in email?!  Between junk mail, spam, and work related emails, these should be a sight for sore eyes! I hope the ladies like them!  (please keep in mind that all of the ladies I sent these to could have designed something themselves WAY better, BUT us design and Photoshop challenged people have to stick to what we can do!  And that for me is “click here to input text” on a pre-made card!  Ha!)

Front of the envelope the invitation recipient sees before they “open” the invitation
Inside of the invite that I designed for our pumpkin carving night (before the invitation slides out of the envelope!)

I didn’t send one to myself so I’m not QUITE sure if this is the way it works, but I assume you receive a link to click on.  The actual “opening” of the invitation is animated which I thought was great.  You first see the envelope with your name on it.  It then turns over and the top opens.  Then out slides your invitation!

Took me 4 tries but I captured it AS it’s coming out of the envelope!

I haven’t quite figured out all of the options to “share” the invitations.  I emailed mine but there was a Facebook/Twitter option as well.  Keep in mind these aren’t free.  Each invitation costs one “stamp” and if you customize the envelope, add your logo or some other things, it costs one “stamp” + one “coin”.  They give you free stamps and coins just for signing up.  And if you “like” their Facebook page you get additional ones.  SO, I created this card without having to purchase anything.  I used the freebies I got for signing up.  But, I checked out the prices and it’s $10 for 75 “coins”, which I don’t care how you look at it that’s cheaper than designing, printing, and pony-mailing invitations!

Lastly, here’s the precious invitation! Looks much better when the information isn’t blurred out, BUT I don’t want strangers a-knockin!

Here are some other examples of their Halloween cards (I snagged these images from Sugar and Charm.  This is what caught my eye in the first place):

Y’all should check out BOTH Sugar and Charm and Paperless Post!  SO glad I stumbled across their site tonight!  I’m going to be sending one out for my birthday get together next week!  I’m already picking out which one I want to use!!

**As a side note, just because I am always incredibly impressed by young people, I was reading the ‘About’ section on their site, and Paperless Post was created by a brother and sister and the site debuted just in time for their 23rd and 25th birthdays!  WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!  Wow. They’re pretty sweeeet!