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Picture Book Report

As it has been pointed out to me that nearly all of my posts this week have been about food (yikes), I am switching gears as not to continue the illusion that all I think about is food.  Ha!

Today I’m going to brag about Mr. Fancy Pants, aka William Bryant, aka my husband.  He is an extremely talented artist and is continually being asked to participate in some pretty awesome projects. One of my favorite on-going projects of his is the Picture Book Report. Picture Book Report is a project started by the amazing illustrator and maker Meg Hunt. Picture Book Report features 15 talented illustrators taking their favorite childhood books and reinterpreting them in their own way. Mr. Fancy Pants selected J.M. Barrie’s Peter & Wendy.  The project rotates between illustrators so you get a new instillation of each artist’s selection every few weeks.  Some of my favorites, other than my obvious favorite, are Meg Hunt‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Sam Bosma‘s The Hobbit, and Stephan Britt‘s The Bremen Town Musicians.

Here are my favorite illustrations so far from the Picture Book Report:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Meg Hunt

The Hobbit illustrated by Sam Bosma

The Bremen Town Musicians illustrated by Stephan Britt

I think another reason I am drawn to these particular projects, other than their amazing illustration and design, is their story selection.  J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (first entitled Peter & Wendy), Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and anything by The Brother’s Grimm are some of my all time childhood favorites.  Props to Meg Hunt for coming up with such an amazing idea.  And thank you for inviting Mr. Fancy Pants to participate!  Here are Mr. Fancy Pants’ submissions thus far.  His next post will be very soon so check the Picture Book Report site to catch his next instillation! (here’s a little hint!  The next illustration involves the Lost Boys!)

To quote Mr. Fancy Pants’s take on the project, “my characters have been reduced to the most refined elements and hopefully are loaded with charm.”  I love his characters and how he took them down to their rawest form.  Tinker Bell is my favorite–a bell with wings.  Classic Will Bryant humor.  I love it!

Peter Pan and Wendy Book Plate

The infamous Pan enters the nursery and the adventure begins!

The Flight!

I'm Never Ever going to grow up!

Side note on the above illustration.  This was one week’s submission for Picture Book Report.  However, it was also found and picked up by Society6 and made into a print that you can purchase here! Look at that Mr. Fancy Pants!  He’s so fancy!

Never Never Land and our first glimpse of Captain Hook!

So, William and I traveled to London, England with my family last week for a little family vacation.  We had such a good time!  We spent 4 days in the city and spend two days traveling around.  We visited Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford-Upon-Avon, the Cotswolds, and Oxford.  It was a jam-packed trip full of sight-seeing and lots of history (which my dad and I particularly enjoy).

Back in the day, before digital cameras, I took just as many pictures as I do now with my handy dandy PowerShot.  The difference being I used to print out all of my millions of pictures and they now sit, sadly collecting dust, in photo boxes and photo albums, books, and scrapbooks in my closet at my parent’s house.  Ever since we got married, I have broken my need to have a physical copy of each picture I take–other than our wedding photos and the occasional picture that I print to hang or display in our apartment.  I am glad that I am not printing pictures just for the sake of printing them (I’m sure Walgreen’s greatly misses me in the photo department) though I do miss having them to look at other than on my computer screen.

So, when I got home and began uploading my 393 photos that I took during our vacation, I remembered reading about the photo books that you could make using iPhoto.  I did a little research on it and decided it was the perfect solution! You can pick your design template and then you just start adding photos!  I am trying to do ours in order of our week so that I can remember our trip better. Here are some screenshots of how the design is coming:

Day 1: These photos are from the first day of our trip. I love this layout and the captions on the right page.

Here's a spread with a full page picture and a page with four pictures. The pages in the book itself will be around 8.5 x 11" so you can judge the size of pictures we'll get with that.

Day 2: Pictures of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Side note, that is my new hat...and I love it!

Here is what the photo book will look like when it’s printed:

Several of the options that are listed on the website I didn’t have the option to use because I don’t have the most current version of iLife.  (trying to get that update–side note).  That said, I picked the ‘Modern Lines’ theme for our book. On the inside of the book there are several opening pages that I am writing little memories about our trip and a little ‘table of contents/outline’ of our trip.  Shh…I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I am hoping that if I am really really sweet, William will draw something really great for the front cover. Here is what we’re working on right now.

London famous buildings/skyline:

But hand-drawn in Mr. Fancy Pants style like he did for the Picture Book Report project he’s working with (See Big Ben and the Tower Bridge already drawn below):

I am really warming to this idea for our photos.  What a great way to have a physical product of our pictures/memories without taking up a whole lot of space!  AND it’ll be a new addition to our bookshelves!

You can see the rest of our photos from our amazing trip here: