Monthly Archives: December 2009

As I’m sure you all know, Etsy one of the greatest places to find handmade gifts, decorations, accents, etc.  I turned to Etsy this year for some Christmas decorating help as Mr. Fancy Pants and I wanted a “handmade” and “natural” look to our Christmas decor–as much as possible at least.  Mr. Fancy Pants has an aversion to any Christmas decorations that include glitter, sparkles, or anything “cutesy”.  In my opinion, Christmas is the ONLY time of year it’s ok to have a little glitter and sparkle around so some does appear in 601 Nelray here and there but I’ve tried to keep that under wraps for our Mr. Fancy Pants as it’s only our first Christmas together and I have many more years to break him of his “cutesy” Christmas decoration dislike.  Ha!

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Taking a break from the Christmas decorating–don’t worry those posts are returning soon–I’m really excited to share about mine and Mr. Fancy Pants’ new decorations for our bedroom.  We got the most awesome bedding from my aunt and uncle for our wedding and Christmas gift last year from Anthropologie.  I absolutely loved it.  Sadly, it began falling apart on us.  All of the seams were breaking and coming apart, and I can say that honestly only one of the holes in the comforter was our cat Avey’s fault!

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