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The Road to 15 starts tomorrow!  I teared up watching this video.  We won the National Championship the season after I graduated from UA.  Ever since then, I have worn our 2009 National Championship jersey with Mark Ingram’s number 22 on it.  Tomorrow, I retire that one for my new 2011 National Championship jersey with Trent Richardson’s number 3.  As I did with my last one, I will wear this jersey every game until we earn National Championship #15!!  A precious roommate of mine from college posted on my Instagram photo of my new jersey the other day saying “I hope you’re not too attached to that jersey.  The Road to #15 starts Saturday!”  She couldn’t be more right!!!

I know it burns my Daddy to read this, but I am PROUD to be a graduate of the University of Alabama. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. I will be glued to our TV cheering on my team as they open against Michigan!  It kills me that they’re playing in Dallas and I won’t be there, but I’ll still be beaming with pride from Oregon!

My UA Championship Jerseys. The one on the right I will be sporting until we win National Championship #15!



It just does not get any better than this.  This brightened my day.  If you know me, you know that I am obsessed have a healthy amount of love for Friends.  It was the best TV show ever aired.  And yes, I realize that is a bold statement.  I am willing to defend it.

Hope this brightens a few more days for my fellow Friends lovers out there (Ahem, KWM)

OH and 2 DAYS UNTIL COLLEGE FOOTBALL.  I’ll be posting about that tomorrow!

I ran across Volunteer Traditions on Facebook a few weeks ago.  I fell in love.  Easy for me to do with UA or Southern attire, but none the less, I fell in love.

The tshirts I bought us say “Fall means football in the South”.  I bought the white with maroon text for William and the grey with crimson text for me.  One of these days I’ll take a picture of us both in them–we’ll be cute. 🙂  I also got both of us koozies.  I think I like them because they’re so subtle.  They’re a shout out of state pride but not too overbearing.  The koozies have the Alabama and Mississippi state flags in the outline of the state itself.  I ordered the navy one for William just because I liked it, but it was pointed out to me that it was an Ole Miss koozie (which I didn’t think about) and William wasn’t too happy about that.  Luckily, the amazing folks at Volunteer Traditions threw a red one into our order which is much more MSU than the navy!  (Whew.  Crisis averted.)

Our tshirts! ‘Fall means football in the South’ Sure does, sure does.

Mississippi koozies, Alabama koozies, and my Alabama koozies they threw in for me!

I will also say that I called them to ask about sizing on the tshirts and I have never talked to nicer people.  They were SUPER helpful and we chatted a bit about which SEC schools we’d gone to, etc. etc.  They have a cool story too, if you’re interested you should take a look.  Even though I didn’t grow up in Alabama, my family is from there and so is half of my heritage (my momma’s side o-the-family) so I am always MORE than proud to represent AL wherever I am.  It helps that I went to UA for school…but regardless, I love me some Alabama.

I’ve got my eyes on this grey hat next.  I have two UA caps, both crimson, so I’m needing one that isn’t a shade of red!  Check out Volunteer Traditions, the Bryants are so happy to support them!!!!!

I’ve got my eyes on this next!

Well I thought this would be fun and/or interesting.  I’m actually sitting here waiting on my iMac to download the new OS, which is taking forever, and started looking back through old pictures stored in my iPhoto.  The thought crossed my mind how different each of our places of residence have been since we’ve been married.  We’ve lived in 2 apartments (in Austin) and 1 house (in Portland).

Apt. #1/Nelray Blvd., Austin, TX

Our first place! The Nelray Condos! We had our very own Ms. Kravitz who monitored how you threw your trash away, and a guy downstairs growing a large amount of marijuana.  Interesting times…

In my opinion, the first place was much more “William” than me.  We were both still trying to figure out what we liked around us, and I was still trying to figure out how to make William not live in Grandma’s house.  We were convinced there for a little while that my love for quilts and plants might drive him away, but luckily the story has a happy ending.

Quick funny story about the apt. on Nelray.  I never saw it until we walked in on move in day.  We were so busy between graduating from college, Christmas with our families, and the wedding that I never had time to go look.  AND we thought we were moving to Portland after we got married until about a month before the wedding, so that made things a little difficult.  William and our amazing friends Brad and Tiffany went down to Austin to scope out/sign a lease on the first decent place without roaches that they could find.  When I first walked into the apt. I cried.  It was so small.  I sat down on the floor in the living room and cried like a little brat.  And as the story goes, or as William tells it, after I ate some Chick-fil-A and my mom and I started unloading all of my new dishes and kitchen appliances into the cabinets, I perked right up.  I did have a little meltdown, I’ll admit it.  But looking back, that apt. was my favorite.  I loved it.

Top left: The guest bedroom (see, my love of quilts is in full force!), Top right: Kitchen, Bottom left: Living room, Bottom right: Living room book case from IKEA that my husband and father put together. Surprised that things stood as long as it did!

Other than our bed and coffee table, which are STILL on loan from my parents, everything in our first place was from IKEA.  My sweet dad and husband built our whole place!  Ha!  It was 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms in 600 square feet.  Yeah, you read that right.  There was only one spot in the whole apartment you could go and not see everything/everyone else in the place…made our first marital fights quite interesting.

Apt. #2/Bull Creek Rd., Austin, TX

Our second home equipped with neighbors with 2 yapping pups we wanted to kill and a communal garbage shoot that apparently no one knew how to use because they’d just pile their trash outside the door. It was gross.

After living on what seemed like each other’s laps for a year, we decided we needed more space.  My amazing husband spent his afternoon with a horribly annoying real estate person and found our second apartment.  We moved into the Post West Apartment complex which was closer to work for me and was brand spankin’ new!  I didn’t know what to do with stainless steel appliances AND a garbage disposal (something that I no longer have here in Portland and it makes me sad).  We definitely traded ‘character’ for ‘newness’ in our second place, but we made it our own as best we could.

Top left: Our Bedroom, Top right: Living room, Bottom left: Entry, Bottom right: Same IKEA shelving in apt #2!

This apartment felt more like me than William, in my opinion.  Looking back, it was a little too feminine I think.  We got to paint accent walls in this place which we were thrilled about.  We bought the vinyl trees from Etsy but failed to consider what the Austin heat and humidity would do to their ability to stick on the wall.  Word to the wise.  Do NOT use Gorilla Glue to re-apply vinyl on walls.  That stuff does its job.  The vinyl will not come off.  Ha!!  Oops.

House #1/34th Ave., Portland, OR

And last but not least, our humble little Portland abode. I have no complaints about it, except I miss my garbage disposal. But they make you compost here anyway…

And last, but certainly not least, here is our home now.  We rent this place from a lovely couple who lives in California.  If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that we had a heck of a time finding a place to live in Portland while still living in Austin.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for this house.  This one FINALLY feels like both of us.  It has so much character anyway and we took our time with the details.  We built our headboard, shelving, and dining room table.  All of our artwork (or new artwork) fits us both perfectly.  I’m just thankful that after almost 4 years of marriage we finally have a place that feels like home.  And more importantly feels like a perfect combo between our styles.  WHEW!

Top left: Dining room with Loretta posing for the photo, Top right: Living Room, Bottom left: Kitchen, Bottom right: Our bedroom

I am really really proud of this place.  It is finally some place that I have room to entertain, which I do often.  We finally have two full sized beds so company doesn’t have to sleep on the floor.  I’m convinced that I will never again be able to live in a house that does not have a basement.  That is one thing these PacNW folks have RIGHT!  BASEMENTS ARE THE BEST INVENTION EVER!  Texas, get it together!  It’s cool in the summer, spacious, only semi-creepy, and I can throw things down there and forget about them (which I never do.  HA!  Do it all the time).

I can definitely say that while Portland doesn’t yet feel exactly like “home”, our house definitely does.  I’m proud of us for making a house a home.  And there you go!  For those of you who like house tours like I do, I hope this was an enjoyable read! 🙂

Come and get ’em kids!  The Will Bryant Summer Special!  (I feel like I might should be on a radio commercial…I may have just found my true calling in life…)

3 kool hugs for your drank! Everybody loves a good time, increase your chances of fun by keeping your beverages lookin’ primed for summer in these koozies!

– Party Dog, USA (black on neon blue)
– Live A Little (metallic on white)
– Sure, I Like Fun (white on neon pink)

This superior 4mm Collapsible Foam Can Insulator fits 12 oz. cans and bottles. Collapsible to fit easily in pocket or purse. Dense scuba foam provides premium insulation.

Limited quantities available.  See don’t these folks look like they’re having a BLAST!?  Order yours here!

Even pets like them!

Loretta loves the koozie! Not sure if she likes the beer, though!

Theo on the other hand, like both. I mean, his koozie says ‘Party Dog USA’. What do you expect?

I often get quite overwhelmed by things like Pinterest, Design Sponge, Etsy, etc.  I love crafting.  In an unhealthy kind of way, love it.  Like when I die, I want my house to be next door to Martha’s in Heaven. Seriously, all eternity with Martha Stewart and all of her crafting supplies next door…be still my heart.

[Yes, I am aware that my primary purpose in Heaven will not be crafting.  No one get worried here.  But who’s to say God won’t need a Chief Crafting Officer for making birthday parties really great!?  Maybe there already is one.  But since it’s eternity, maybe that person will let me do it for a while…maybe they’re ready for a change in crafting command…]

Anyway, I am constantly pinning various things I see on blogs to Pinterest so that I hopefully can get around to recreating whatever it is someday.  Currently, my crafting “to do” list looks about like my “to read” book list.  Long.  No end in sight.  Ha!

Photos from The Alison Show

DIY tassels from Linen, Lace and Love

The project currently on my docket is a form of garland/tassel/fringe thing–very proper English, I know. I have so many uses for these in my head, though none of which I need right this second.  I’m wondering if, before I jump head first into this, I should wait to work on this project until later on. Tissue paper would likely meet a sad end before too long around here.  That said, what else are basements for!?

Occasionally I have really brilliant ideas.  (stress on the word occasionally)  And though I already know they are brilliant, they tend to take a bit of convincing to get William on board.  The building of our Cornhole set was no different.

Momentary pause because I have been told as of late that PacNWestern folk are not familiar with Cornhole (aka Baggo, Corn Bag Toss).  I want no accusation that this is a crazy Southern game, even though it is, because it is legit.  It has its own Wikipedia page!

I have always loved Cornhole.  We played during college on game days and they are wonderful memories for me.  It’s the little things, you know.  Throwing a bean bag at a hole.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  I found this site that had step-by-step instructions (amazing by the way) for making a Cornhole set and I decided that it was nothing that we couldn’t do!  After we got the project underway, which involved me convincing William we needed this for our backyard, it was a pretty simple process. Like anything William and I undertake, our creative minds clashed from time to time, but we were both SO pleased with the way these turned out.

Mr. Fancy Pants hard at work!

The first few steps were to sand, stand, and tape off our design. I will say that I and I alone did the amazing tape job. Pat me on the back!

They are exactly what I wanted.  Old school backyard game feel–very vintage varsity.  LOVE THEM!  I thought I’d share our building process via photos.  Our new favorite is to pack them up and take them to Laurelhurst Park for games.  There is SO much more space and we always pick up a few extra players who want to join in.

Going to be totally honest. I did not make these. Didn’t really even consider it. There are so many people who sell them for VERY reasonable prices on Etsy. I purchased mine from this lady who is selling to help her children pay off their college loans!

Painting progress after one evening.

And the design is revealed! Tape came off wonderfully (thanks to me) and all we had left was William’s hand painted type!

Just drying away in the shed…

TA-DA! A finished product! Above is our inaugural game. I lost. 24-18.  It was probably the intimidating type! I think I was playing on the ‘Nice Try Sucker!’ board…It gets in your head if you don’t watch out!

**Note:  The Bryant’s added a rule to the traditional Cornhole game which you should know if you ever come play with us.  We have our amazing friend Ryan to thank for this one.  If you make a ‘swish’ into the Cornhole, we’ll give you 5 points rather than the traditional 3 points…because let’s be honest, while I’m aiming to become the next Cornhole Champion, William is just using this as another way to try and impersonate his childhood hero.  So for that, we have to honor MJ.  Michael Jordan, not Jackson.  Though I’m not sure either of them play(ed) Cornhole.