Monthly Archives: March 2012

I'm OFFICIAL! I am now the "front desk" of Will Bryant!

Well HELLO design world!  I started this blog almost three years ago as an attempt to infiltrate the 90% of my husband’s life that is consumed by the internet.  I have now, as of today, wiggled my way even further into my sweet man’s life!  Muahaha!

That sound completely evil, but in all actuality this is a welcomed change.  I am now “working” for William for all intensive purposes.  I am, of course, still with my other job, however I am going to be taking on the administrative, organizational, and communicative tasks that are not only time consuming but difficult for William to keep up with considering his work load AND graduate school. This is something we’ve talked about for a long time–me working for Will–however yesterday afternoon I brought it up and he welcomed my help.  Immediately.

I am, by nature, obsessively organized which is just what he needs.  This will be a wonderful “getting my feet wet” experience into the world of design.  I do hope one day to manage his work and studio full time, but for now, I will make him as efficient as possible.  Hopefully on boarding his wife will make him a little less stressed and a little more organized.  (And there are the added perks of “boss/subordinate” jokes that have been free flowing for the last 8 hours).

And so my friends, I have to get to work!  (I even have my own email signature which makes me feel quite official!) Please check out my husband’s amazing work here and if you email get ready to talk with you know who!