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This past weekend, William and I travelled back to Austin for some of our dearest friends’ wedding. I cannot even begin to describe to you how wonderful it was to be back home.  (and yes, I still call Austin home)  While I am loving it here in the PacNW, my heart is still pulling me back south of the Mason-Dixon line.  The feeling is quite contradictory because on the one hand, I’m enjoying our life here in Portland, and on the other, there is a part of me counting down the days until I can move home. Very strange with both of those feelings coexisting at the same time.  Some days one “voice” is quieter than the other.  Today, the one that’s lingering in Austin is loud and clear.

In honor of my homesickness, today I’m missing and praying for these faces…all of whom I miss dearly. (and this is by no means everyone that I miss.  Just a little snippet of the missing action) Don’t forget me while I’m gone!  🙂

In case you didn't know, this is my Momma & Daddy! I LOVE this picture by the way...don't you think my Dad needs to add a sombrero to his daily wardrobe?

THESE kiddos, Landon & Jujy Fruits, not in Austin but in the South...much closer to me when I'm in Austin than Portland!

KWM, who has been there for me since I was about 3. And we used to both really like Trolls. (hence the balloon) And I HATED those overalls by the way.

Themz going to have a bambino this year! AND I'M GOING TO MISS IT! BUT, I'll be there about a month after the bundle of love is born. Whew!

This little nugget is my niece, Claire. I mean, seriously, have you ever in your life seen a cuter little face? (the answer is no.) 🙂

My Jules-Pants-Punkin Face-Underhoozen. There are no words to the amount of missing I'm doing for you....

Priss. Who I will get to see again in OCTOBER when she gets married!!! (To another of my favorite people by the way)

And last, but so incredibly far from least, my in-laws. Who, like my parents, are just too dern far away. This picture was from last weekend at the wedding! They drove in to celebrate B+T's wedding and hug our necks for a bit!

First of all, I was going to apologize for how long it’s been since I’ve posted, however, I then thought there is no reason to apologize.  Y’all have other things to do with your life other than reading my blog! A lot has been happening up here in the Northwest in my absence, though.  One thing I can say for William and I, we don’t like sitting around on our rumps!  I do have a ton of things I want to blog about over the next few days, but I’m going to start with my fabulous evening that I had last night with my newly established Portland Bunco group!  Yes, you read that right, Sally has brought Bunco to the NW.  Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one but hey I’ll give myself a little credit with initiating this group of ladies to the Bunco world!

I didn't have a ton of options for "dice inspired" invites so this one had to do the trick.

The idea came during a Supper Club that I was recently invited to join with a group of Junior League ladies.  I am not sure how we started talking about it, but it was mentioned that none of the girls knew how to play Bunco.  I thought to myself, “BLASPHEMY!” and vowed to teach the girls one of the greatest Southern ladies games known to man.  You need tables of 4 and there were 8 of us there so we each invited one friend to play which gave us a great group of girls and several that I hadn’t had a chance to get to know yet, so I was really excited for the chance to meet some new girls!

In classic Sally fashion, I got carried away with my decor.  I want to come back in my next life as Martha Stewart so just don’t judge me, ok?  I will say, everything that I did was quite simple and had a great effect.  I used some leftover burlap and painted large dice in the center with some paint I had lying around.  The table cloths actually turned out better than I had imagined! AND they can be reused each month, though our house did smell a bit like a barn.  I printed out large dice from an image I found online and backed them with cardboard for the table markers to the girls knew how to travel between tables.


Tables 2 and 3 for Bunco Night!

And lastly, I made our Bunco cards to keep up with your games and buncos as you go along.  These I wasn’t too pleased with, however I am hoping I can bribe my husband into helping me with a new design before next month.  Not going to hold my breath on that one though…


Close up of our "score cards" that I made. These help us keep track of how many games and Buncos each gal has won.


Close up of the table cloths that I made. Super easy--Just some left over burlap and I painted dice on them to make them a little more festive!

If you’ve never played Bunco, let me fill you in a little bit.  You’re trying to trying to roll 6’s on three dice and when you roll all three at the same time, that is called a Bunco.  When one is rolled, everyone at the table wants to grab them.  Let me paint you a picture, 12 women, 12 wine glasses, three tables of rolling dice, excitement everywhere, a Bunco is rolled, women screaming, jumping out of their chairs, there is grabbing involved…

Lets say this.  It is a MIRACLE none of the wine glasses went crashing to the floor because we were all SO into the game!  [Spoiler alert for my Bunco ladies] So, I emailed to my sweet family friend, Whitney, owner of Polka Dot Parties, who has been my go-to on amazing party/tailgating accessories for a while for help!  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I have ordered some amazing Alabama/MSU cups and koozies from her that were a huge hit at our tailgate this year in Mississippi. Check those out here.  Thanks to Whitney, I’ll be ready for next month’s Bunco night with these amazing cups!  Drinks may still go flying when a Bunco is rolled, but at least cups don’t shatter on the floor!  Now us ladies can let the Buncos roll in style!

Coming to a Bunco night near you! (well only near you if you live in Portland), but seriously, how wonderful are these!?

Little side note: please check out Polka Dot Parties‘ website. Whitney is fun, talented, and everything I’ve ever purchased from her has been amazing!

And now for some photos from the evening.  We had such a great time and it was awesome getting to know the girls who came I hadn’t spent time with yet.  I can say that I have successfully roped them all into the fun world that is Bunco!  As a friend once said, “All good things really do come from the South!”


Sweet ladies starting at Table 2!


Ladies starting at Table 3!


Sweet Kate and Casey! Great picture of you two ladies!


Lucky ladies of Table 1 at the start of the game!


Action shot! These girls were really great sports with all of my photo taking. (Side note, Casey I see you trying to sneak a punch on your card!!)


So far, so good! NOTE! I have a Bunco punch! I actually rolled TWO Buncos last night! I never roll Buncos!


Mrs. Corrine looking beautiful and me trying to be silly blowing on my dice for good luck.


Our winners! Abby: Most Buncos, Anna: Low Games, Shannon: "Boobie Prize" or Consolation, Corrine: High Games, Marnie: 2nd High Games


AND...of course, a group shot with our final Bunco cards! Quite a successful first go around if I do say so myself.