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We’ve done a lot of really amazing things since we have been out here in OR.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things to do in the South, but this is a whole new animal.  It’s actually really hard to compare because the experience is so drastically different.  If I were in Austin right now, it would be 110 degrees and I’d be swimming in Barton Springs (unarguably one of the most memorable things you can do in Austin).  But here in OR, I can travel up to Mt. Hood and see people snowboarding.  IN AUGUST.  What astounds me is how you could participate in the exact same activity in TX and in OR and have a completely different experience just because of your surroundings.  You cannot help but want to be outside up here. Being out in nature up here is intoxicatingly unreal.  Granted, I imagine that will change when the weather is not as pleasant as it is right now, however, for the time being it is next to perfect.

Next Thursday evening, we’re headed out to Kruger Farms.  They are hosting a summer concert series out on their farm called Farm Tunes.  Number one, I am a sucker for anything like this (hence why I repetitively drug Mr. Fancy Pants to the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm and kite festival…etc. etc.)  Here’s how they describe the evening:

$10 per car
Music, hayrides, farm animals and u-pick berries.

Bring a picnic or purchase dinner from Phil’s Grill or Girasole Wood-fired Pizza. Fresh roasted corn also available. Captured by Porches Beer and Northwest Wine.

SIGN. ME. UP.  Anyone in Portland that is interested in going with us is more than welcome.  I am thinking we’re going to picnic it, but I imagine there will be some roasted corn purchased.  I LOVE CORN.

An artist named Ashleigh Flynn is playing next week.  Based on the songs she has on her site, I am going to love her.  She is just the right blend of folk and country.  Throw her in the middle of a farm, in OR, with a glass of wine and some corn = Sally’s perfect day.

Kruger Farms

Johnson's Backyard Garden logo designed by Ryan Rhodes

One of these days, I WILL be a member of Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  It is not quite in our budget for the time being, however the minute it is…move out of my way, fresh produce grown locally here I come!

This is what they have to say about themselves on their site (can you say SIGN ME UP?!):

We’re a 70-acre organic Community Supported farm only five miles east of downtown Austin. Over 1,000 Austinites enjoy our homegrown, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. We deliver boxes weekly or biweekly to convenient neighborhood locations. Our members receive produce harvested a few days, if not hours, from Austin’s own backyard.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

JBG-- volunteers cleaning and boxing the fresh produce

A few of Mr. Fancy Pants’ studio mates from Public School went to volunteer at JBG earlier in 2010. I really wish that my work schedule was conducive to doing this because it looks like great fun.  Check out the guys hard at work.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Here’s a sample of this past week’s box (list of what was included and photo of the amazing fresh produce):

In This Week’s Box

Week of Jan 3rd
Salad Turnips
Mustard Greens
Swiss Chard
Green Onions
Sweet Potatoes


CSA Share Box for the week of January 3rd

JBG-- photo from the annual potluck

Their branding was recently redone by the incredibly talented Ryan Rhodes.  I have included an amazing stop motion video of him painting the JBG farm truck below.  Check it out.  It’s pretty incredible.

JBG Farm Truck Painting from Bigger Than Giants on Vimeo.

JBG-- Farm Truck painted by Ryan Rhodes

All pictures courtesy of Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s website.  To see more about these amazing people and what they’re doing, click here.