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100 Perfect Pairings

100 Perfect Pairings

One of my bests out here in Portland, Casey, struck gold on one of my new favorite cookbooks of all time.  I just had to share.  There are some classic Southern goodies that I can’t bring myself to trump, however, this is seriously one of the best cookbooks I own now!  100 Perfect Pairings by Jill Silverman Hough.  There are actually two separate cookbooks: one for main dishes and one for small bites.  Both cookbooks have healthy and easy recipes that explore the pairings between wine and food.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been cooking a few of them every night and literally only one hasn’t been a complete hit.

I’m not a knowledgable wine drinker, which is a huge reason I like this cookbook.  You don’t have to be!  She points out in the introduction of her book that you don’t have to understand everything about food and/or wine to make a beautiful and wonderfully paired meal–just a few key things are good to know!

In classic OCD Sally style, I’ve been making scrupulous notes in the book on each recipe I’ve cooked.  Any changes I would make next go around, what we ate the main dish with, which bottle of wine we tried, etc.  I feel a little ‘Julie and Julia’ if I’m quite honest with myself, but I am thoroughly enjoying it!  It definitely helps that my purchase of these books has coincided with William finishing up school so he has actually been at home at night to help me finish off dinner and sit down with me at the dining table for dinner.   He’s been so great about asking questions about the meal and spending time talking about the wine pairing.  It has been such a fun little adventure!

I know Pinterest is a wonderful depository for new recipes, but if you’re like me and still like a physical cookbook in your hand (or if you’re even more like me and get really overwhelmed by Pinterest sometimes), I strongly encourage this cookbook.  It has been the best $15.00 investment I’ve made in quite some time!

Happy Cooking!

My jungle

I am currently taking my ‘green thumb’ out for a test run.  I have always been convinced that I was bound to kill anything that was supposed to grow in a pot or in the ground.  Mainly because I would just forget about it eventually and the poor weed would die a slow and, what I imagine would be, painful death.  I can just hear them now–three weeks of silently crying out, in a very horse and scratchy voice of course, for water and what do I do?  Let it die.

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