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I often get quite overwhelmed by things like Pinterest, Design Sponge, Etsy, etc.  I love crafting.  In an unhealthy kind of way, love it.  Like when I die, I want my house to be next door to Martha’s in Heaven. Seriously, all eternity with Martha Stewart and all of her crafting supplies next door…be still my heart.

[Yes, I am aware that my primary purpose in Heaven will not be crafting.  No one get worried here.  But who’s to say God won’t need a Chief Crafting Officer for making birthday parties really great!?  Maybe there already is one.  But since it’s eternity, maybe that person will let me do it for a while…maybe they’re ready for a change in crafting command…]

Anyway, I am constantly pinning various things I see on blogs to Pinterest so that I hopefully can get around to recreating whatever it is someday.  Currently, my crafting “to do” list looks about like my “to read” book list.  Long.  No end in sight.  Ha!

Photos from The Alison Show

DIY tassels from Linen, Lace and Love

The project currently on my docket is a form of garland/tassel/fringe thing–very proper English, I know. I have so many uses for these in my head, though none of which I need right this second.  I’m wondering if, before I jump head first into this, I should wait to work on this project until later on. Tissue paper would likely meet a sad end before too long around here.  That said, what else are basements for!?

Occasionally I have really brilliant ideas.  (stress on the word occasionally)  And though I already know they are brilliant, they tend to take a bit of convincing to get William on board.  The building of our Cornhole set was no different.

Momentary pause because I have been told as of late that PacNWestern folk are not familiar with Cornhole (aka Baggo, Corn Bag Toss).  I want no accusation that this is a crazy Southern game, even though it is, because it is legit.  It has its own Wikipedia page!

I have always loved Cornhole.  We played during college on game days and they are wonderful memories for me.  It’s the little things, you know.  Throwing a bean bag at a hole.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  I found this site that had step-by-step instructions (amazing by the way) for making a Cornhole set and I decided that it was nothing that we couldn’t do!  After we got the project underway, which involved me convincing William we needed this for our backyard, it was a pretty simple process. Like anything William and I undertake, our creative minds clashed from time to time, but we were both SO pleased with the way these turned out.

Mr. Fancy Pants hard at work!

The first few steps were to sand, stand, and tape off our design. I will say that I and I alone did the amazing tape job. Pat me on the back!

They are exactly what I wanted.  Old school backyard game feel–very vintage varsity.  LOVE THEM!  I thought I’d share our building process via photos.  Our new favorite is to pack them up and take them to Laurelhurst Park for games.  There is SO much more space and we always pick up a few extra players who want to join in.

Going to be totally honest. I did not make these. Didn’t really even consider it. There are so many people who sell them for VERY reasonable prices on Etsy. I purchased mine from this lady who is selling to help her children pay off their college loans!

Painting progress after one evening.

And the design is revealed! Tape came off wonderfully (thanks to me) and all we had left was William’s hand painted type!

Just drying away in the shed…

TA-DA! A finished product! Above is our inaugural game. I lost. 24-18.  It was probably the intimidating type! I think I was playing on the ‘Nice Try Sucker!’ board…It gets in your head if you don’t watch out!

**Note:  The Bryant’s added a rule to the traditional Cornhole game which you should know if you ever come play with us.  We have our amazing friend Ryan to thank for this one.  If you make a ‘swish’ into the Cornhole, we’ll give you 5 points rather than the traditional 3 points…because let’s be honest, while I’m aiming to become the next Cornhole Champion, William is just using this as another way to try and impersonate his childhood hero.  So for that, we have to honor MJ.  Michael Jordan, not Jackson.  Though I’m not sure either of them play(ed) Cornhole.  

Stocking template

Get excited readers!  My Christmas fever is in full swing!!!  I’m going to be posting all sorts of Christmas recipes, activities, decorations, etc. in the next few weeks.  My first project is to make stockings for Mr. Fancy Pants and I for our first Christmas together.  We both have stockings at our parents’ houses, but I wanted us to have our own.  My mom and dad made their stockings when they first got married.  My dad was in medical school and the stitching was good practice for his surgery rotations.  Mr. Fancy Pants and I don’t have quite the same situation, although Mr. Fancy Pants can sew on a button, so I assumed the job of stocking creator.

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