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It arrived.  And it’s perfect.  I had a minor freak out when I saw it in the hallway. The way it was packaged made it look like they had shipped me the wrong one–which would have made me so upset because I bought the last one they had!  No worries though, it’s here.  It’s lovely.  It’s awaiting a floor to grace in PDX!

Here she is in all of her glory!

Clearly would be too big for our current apartment. It fills almost our entire living room.

Up close and personal. Thank you!

Considering my inconsistent posts, I imagine I haven’t posted about our big move.  Mr. Fancy Pants was accepted into Portland State’s Art and Social Practice program for graduate school. SO, come July we’re packing up the homestead and moving to Portland!  Finding a house has been a headache thus far, but we have found one that is perfect…it’s just a matter of getting it.  (long story)  Basically, it’s just a waiting game right now.  While I’m on that note, here’s the house we’re trying to rent (ISN’T SHE LOVELY!? I’m in love.)

The most beautiful house in Portland

In any case, I’m doing some serious furniture shopping in the interim.  We have lived in a 1 or 2 bedroom shoebox since we got married and own very little furniture.  So, we’re saving all of our extra pennies to purchase and/or make some new furniture to fill a house!  (expect lots of furniture posts between now and then.  Ha)

I’ve been on the lookout for some rugs for the potential new place.  We’ve had our eyes on a kilim rug and I came across this site (  This site has the most beautiful, authentic kilim rugs I’ve ever seen.  I would also have to sell our first-born child to afford one.  I fell in love with this one off of their site.

Kilim Rug from

Needless to say I cannot afford that one.  BUT fear not my friends.  This is where my affinity for online shopping comes in handy.  What we like about kilim rugs are the amazing patterns and colors.  The geometric shapes are right up William’s alley but they pull on my homemaker heart-strings too so BAM a Bryant compromise!  Just this morning I snagged the LAST ONE of these from  It was meant to be.

The rug that will find its home beneath my dining room table in PDX.

I will post more about our plans for our dining room later on, but this will be perfect paired with grey walls and the industrial/modern dining room table that Mr. Fancy Pants is building (yes, building).  In the meantime, I will be waiting for this beauty to arrive at my doorstep so that I can take it down to our storage unit to await its ride out West!  I have checked that item off of my growing “to want” list (not to be confused with a “to do” list…they are very different).

"To want" list