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I’m about the most inconsistent blogger ever.  I can attribute my inconsistency to a lot of things, most of which I am ok with taking priority over a blog.  Some I am not.  I have realized my trouble is I have no real purpose in blogging.  I am not documenting a child’s life, I’m not promoting a business, I’m not altering the course of history in any way.  I’m just writing when I have something to write, which, for my OCD nature, purposeless writing often becomes more frustrating than it is rewarding.

Alas, the other side of my OCD nature kicks in that reminds myself that I do not like things to go unfinished.  The main reason that while watching ‘You’ve Got Mail’ for the 3,021st time last night I picked up a cross stitching project I’ve had going for about two years to keep my hands busy.  I take the cake for being the most complex while simultaneously uncomplex creature God ever set his mind to.

There is a blog that I read that posted an update the other day.  Its first since October.  I was elated.  I love reading her blog posts.  I am now realizing that I, too, have not posted since October of last year. So much has happened since October.  We are five months closer to William finishing graduate school (he finishes in May or June…I should know, but I cannot remember).  We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at home in Texas with our families.  I went Christmas crazy on our house again.  No glitter though, William vetoes all Christmas decor with glitter.  We had company staying with us for the first 16 days of 2013.  And most recently, we’ve bought a new car and we’re headed to LA in 9 short days!

photo 2

Our new wheels! 2013 Toyota Rav4!

photo 3

Here she is from the front!

And here she is from the back!

And here she is from the back!

I am so thankful we were able to buy this car!!  We have had one car since moving to Portland and it has been very tough.  I know that a HUGE part of the US population lives as a one car household, however, when you grow up in the South in cities that are not bike/walking friendly, you’re really used to having your own set of wheels.

My sweet husband is such a trooper.  I drive at least three days a week for my job so there was no question who was getting the car when we consolidated to one before moving to Portland.  He diligently rode his bike all year last year in the rain and cold.  So glad he’s not going to have to do that any longer!


In nine short days, we’re headed to L.A.!  This will be my first visit to CA that I can remember!! Apparently I went when I was a young child, but that doesn’t count because I don’t remember it! William and our dear friend, Eric Trine, are having a show together (read about it here) at Poketo in downtown LA.  I’m taking a few extra days off and Heather (Eric’s wife, aka one of my favorite people on this Earth) is going to show me all of the awesome places in L.A.!!

So much happening in our little life.  I have a craft project nearing completion that I hope to be able to share soon.  I’m pretty proud of it, not going to lie.  Other than that, life is the same here at Dixieland Delight!


Come and get ’em kids!  The Will Bryant Summer Special!  (I feel like I might should be on a radio commercial…I may have just found my true calling in life…)

3 kool hugs for your drank! Everybody loves a good time, increase your chances of fun by keeping your beverages lookin’ primed for summer in these koozies!

– Party Dog, USA (black on neon blue)
– Live A Little (metallic on white)
– Sure, I Like Fun (white on neon pink)

This superior 4mm Collapsible Foam Can Insulator fits 12 oz. cans and bottles. Collapsible to fit easily in pocket or purse. Dense scuba foam provides premium insulation.

Limited quantities available.  See don’t these folks look like they’re having a BLAST!?  Order yours here!

Even pets like them!

Loretta loves the koozie! Not sure if she likes the beer, though!

Theo on the other hand, like both. I mean, his koozie says ‘Party Dog USA’. What do you expect?

I'm OFFICIAL! I am now the "front desk" of Will Bryant!

Well HELLO design world!  I started this blog almost three years ago as an attempt to infiltrate the 90% of my husband’s life that is consumed by the internet.  I have now, as of today, wiggled my way even further into my sweet man’s life!  Muahaha!

That sound completely evil, but in all actuality this is a welcomed change.  I am now “working” for William for all intensive purposes.  I am, of course, still with my other job, however I am going to be taking on the administrative, organizational, and communicative tasks that are not only time consuming but difficult for William to keep up with considering his work load AND graduate school. This is something we’ve talked about for a long time–me working for Will–however yesterday afternoon I brought it up and he welcomed my help.  Immediately.

I am, by nature, obsessively organized which is just what he needs.  This will be a wonderful “getting my feet wet” experience into the world of design.  I do hope one day to manage his work and studio full time, but for now, I will make him as efficient as possible.  Hopefully on boarding his wife will make him a little less stressed and a little more organized.  (And there are the added perks of “boss/subordinate” jokes that have been free flowing for the last 8 hours).

And so my friends, I have to get to work!  (I even have my own email signature which makes me feel quite official!) Please check out my husband’s amazing work here and if you email get ready to talk with you know who!

Picture Book Report

As it has been pointed out to me that nearly all of my posts this week have been about food (yikes), I am switching gears as not to continue the illusion that all I think about is food.  Ha!

Today I’m going to brag about Mr. Fancy Pants, aka William Bryant, aka my husband.  He is an extremely talented artist and is continually being asked to participate in some pretty awesome projects. One of my favorite on-going projects of his is the Picture Book Report. Picture Book Report is a project started by the amazing illustrator and maker Meg Hunt. Picture Book Report features 15 talented illustrators taking their favorite childhood books and reinterpreting them in their own way. Mr. Fancy Pants selected J.M. Barrie’s Peter & Wendy.  The project rotates between illustrators so you get a new instillation of each artist’s selection every few weeks.  Some of my favorites, other than my obvious favorite, are Meg Hunt‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Sam Bosma‘s The Hobbit, and Stephan Britt‘s The Bremen Town Musicians.

Here are my favorite illustrations so far from the Picture Book Report:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Meg Hunt

The Hobbit illustrated by Sam Bosma

The Bremen Town Musicians illustrated by Stephan Britt

I think another reason I am drawn to these particular projects, other than their amazing illustration and design, is their story selection.  J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (first entitled Peter & Wendy), Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and anything by The Brother’s Grimm are some of my all time childhood favorites.  Props to Meg Hunt for coming up with such an amazing idea.  And thank you for inviting Mr. Fancy Pants to participate!  Here are Mr. Fancy Pants’ submissions thus far.  His next post will be very soon so check the Picture Book Report site to catch his next instillation! (here’s a little hint!  The next illustration involves the Lost Boys!)

To quote Mr. Fancy Pants’s take on the project, “my characters have been reduced to the most refined elements and hopefully are loaded with charm.”  I love his characters and how he took them down to their rawest form.  Tinker Bell is my favorite–a bell with wings.  Classic Will Bryant humor.  I love it!

Peter Pan and Wendy Book Plate

The infamous Pan enters the nursery and the adventure begins!

The Flight!

I'm Never Ever going to grow up!

Side note on the above illustration.  This was one week’s submission for Picture Book Report.  However, it was also found and picked up by Society6 and made into a print that you can purchase here! Look at that Mr. Fancy Pants!  He’s so fancy!

Never Never Land and our first glimpse of Captain Hook!