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Have you ever wanted something that was pretty ridiculous to want?  I have.  Let me rephrase.  I do.

Burberry pattern that I'm obsessed with

I have an unreasonable love for Burberry.  Not sure why.  Not sure when it started but I’m sure it’s not going away any time soon.  I think it’s the preppy girl inside of me that loves it so much.  But boy.  I LOVE that Burberry Haymarket pattern!

I would consider myself one to have crazy expensive taste (my husband might disagree with me.  Ha!) but I am not crazy to think that I will every–or should ever–own this purse.  But this is what all of my spare pennies are saving for. Please keep in mind that I am very well aware that I could feed a third world country for about three months for the cost of this thing BUT a girl can dream right??

Just beautiful. Burberry Haymarket Bowling Bag

Inside of the lovely bag. Legit.

So Mr. Fancy Pants being the awesome husband that he is, snagged this amazing cashmere scarf for Christmas.  AND my mom got me a new bottle of Burberry Brit perfume because I had had my old bottle for about 2 years.  It was a Burberry Christmas.

Christmas scarf!!!

Burberry Brit perfume! What What.

Ok, so that’s my girlie ridiculous want that probably will never (and probably should never) come to fruition.  I’m sure we all have this selfish desires if we really think about it.  Mine just happens to be focused on a British plaid.  Ha! Oh happy day!

I’ve pretty much fallen in love with these.  I bought Mr. Fancy Pants one for Christmas and though he hasn’t worn it yet, a nice little British man on a YouTube video taught him how to correctly tie it (quite successfully I might add). I may be a little bias, but he just looked wonderful in it!

Forage Bowtie that I purchased for Mr. Fancy Pants for Christmas

These are made by the amazing couple, Stephen and Shauna, at Something’s Hiding in Here.  Here’s what they have to say about their new line of bowties:

“why bow ties? as stephen likes to say “they’re the most practical form of neckwear”. they don’t interfere with various working methods like a dangerous, dangling neck tie. it was out of necessity for safe neck accessorizing that we created our own collection of bow ties. we call them FORAGE because gathering the perfect fabric is always quite the hunt.”

Inside of the Forage Bowtie

Each bow tie comes packaged in mason box filled with shredded kraft paper. Both functional and scores huge points on the supreme level of packaging coolness. Coolness.  Is that a word?  We’ll go with it.  Regardless, there is also a swatch of the bow tie’s fabric that can be found on the inside of the box.  Can you say amazing?

End of an Ear-- S. 1st Street Austin, TX

Aren’t hole in the wall places your favorite?!  They definitely are my favorite. Mr. Fancy Pants and I went on a record hunt this past Sunday afternoon.  It was rainy and cold and seemed like the perfect day to spruce up our vinyl collection with some new jazz, country, blues, and disco.  We headed over to End of an Ear on S. 1st street and man did we have some fun!

Browsing inside End of an Ear

Mr. Fancy Pants checking out Jerry Jeff Walker

Can I say that I LOVE record stores that let you listen to the vinyl before you buy it?  I think that should be a rule.  (maybe it is already..ha!)

Me (looking terrible) and listening to The Temptations (we snagged their anthology for $0.99!)

Jazz selection at End of an Ear

William still browsing...we were in there for a while.

Here are the records that we came away with from our search:

  • Rare Rockabilly- Various Artists
  • Delta Momma Blues- Townes Van Zandt
  • Little Richard’s Super Hits- Little Richard
  • Tea for the Tillerman- Cat Stevens
  • Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Live in Luckenbach, TX
  • Jackson 5 Anthology
  • Diana Ross & the Supremes Greatest Hits
  • The Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
  • Here’s Little Richard- Little Richard
  • The Temptations Anthology

When we got home, we decided to revamp our records “situation” on our shelves. William had found this awesome bookend idea on Svpply and we decided we could definitely incorporate this into our shelves.  AND what a perfect way to re-display our vinyl!?

C Clamp bookends

So, we hopped into the car and made our way to our favorite hardware store (ever), Breed & Co. Sure enough, they had just what we wanted–a brushed nickel version of these c clamps!  We swiped four of them and headed home to let the revamp begin.  Here’s our new record shelf!

William securing the c clamps on our bookshelves

Finished record revamp from the front


Johnson's Backyard Garden logo designed by Ryan Rhodes

One of these days, I WILL be a member of Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  It is not quite in our budget for the time being, however the minute it is…move out of my way, fresh produce grown locally here I come!

This is what they have to say about themselves on their site (can you say SIGN ME UP?!):

We’re a 70-acre organic Community Supported farm only five miles east of downtown Austin. Over 1,000 Austinites enjoy our homegrown, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. We deliver boxes weekly or biweekly to convenient neighborhood locations. Our members receive produce harvested a few days, if not hours, from Austin’s own backyard.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

JBG-- volunteers cleaning and boxing the fresh produce

A few of Mr. Fancy Pants’ studio mates from Public School went to volunteer at JBG earlier in 2010. I really wish that my work schedule was conducive to doing this because it looks like great fun.  Check out the guys hard at work.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Here’s a sample of this past week’s box (list of what was included and photo of the amazing fresh produce):

In This Week’s Box

Week of Jan 3rd
Salad Turnips
Mustard Greens
Swiss Chard
Green Onions
Sweet Potatoes


CSA Share Box for the week of January 3rd

JBG-- photo from the annual potluck

Their branding was recently redone by the incredibly talented Ryan Rhodes.  I have included an amazing stop motion video of him painting the JBG farm truck below.  Check it out.  It’s pretty incredible.

JBG Farm Truck Painting from Bigger Than Giants on Vimeo.

JBG-- Farm Truck painted by Ryan Rhodes

All pictures courtesy of Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s website.  To see more about these amazing people and what they’re doing, click here.