my growing obsession

My jungle

I am currently taking my ‘green thumb’ out for a test run.  I have always been convinced that I was bound to kill anything that was supposed to grow in a pot or in the ground.  Mainly because I would just forget about it eventually and the poor weed would die a slow and, what I imagine would be, painful death.  I can just hear them now–three weeks of silently crying out, in a very horse and scratchy voice of course, for water and what do I do?  Let it die.

Well, I’ve turned a new leaf I think you could say.  Thanks to my friend Julia I have found a new love for growing things and it’s taken me back to Foss experiments in the 1st grade in Mrs. William’s class.  And though I don’t have to draw the bean’s progress every two days as it is sprouting into a plant (which I secretly hated), I am still enjoying watching my new greenery grow.  I make sure and listen every afternoon when I get home for any parched voices in hopes that I’m not killing them slowly.  Don’t worry, I don’t really think my plants are talking to me.

Picture 2

Clockwise from top: Trumpet Jade, Dracaena, Philodendron, and Hoya

Above are some of my current plants I’m loving.  The philodendron is a climbing plant and has a great piece of aged wood that it’s attaching to–granted the more it climbs, the less you’ll be able to see the wood, but for now it makes me happy. Please excuse my dirty sink.

I also have a basil plant that is growing to the high Heavens.  I don’t cook with fresh basil much but I certainly need to start!  I would love to get a little corner shelf for my balcony and start a collection of herb plants that I could cook with. Herbs seem pretty self-explanatory.  I did fertilize my plants a few weeks ago. I had no idea what to buy and I went with the safe option of Miracle Grow. Not until after I had fertilized my basil plant did I check and see if it was safe to use for plants that would be consumed.  I think it’ll be ok…William watch out!

Silverware Plant Markers by monkeysalwayslook

Silverware Plant Markers by monkeysalwayslook

I hope to soon make these a part of my gardening fetish.  I found them on etsy and fell in love.  You can have them customized to whatever plants you have and I think they’re a great way to remember what plants you have growing at that time. Especially considering I had to ask the woman at Shoal Creek Nursery to write down the names of the plants I purchased the other day on the receipt so that I could remember them.  I am hoping to get better at this.  I think what I need is “Gardening for Dummies”, if such a thing exists.

I am not sure why my growing obsession has taken me by storm.  Maybe it’s my biological clock pushing me further towards the 80 year old that I truly am inside. You don’t find too many 22 year olds these days with a love for rocking chairs, antiques, plants, reading, and going to bed before 10 p.m.  But search no longer friends–you’ve found at least one.

See more of monkeysalwayslook’s work here.

  1. robyn said:

    I love the new blog and you are so cute hiding behind your plants. haha!

  2. Heather said:

    fun! i love your banner! i’m adding this to my favorites!

  3. mom said:

    I love it!!

  4. Robyn said:

    I’m totally in the same boat as you. I’m 24, but I’ve always had the soul of a grandma…. a huge passion for gardening, sewing, baking, reading, antiques, and most of all: going to bed early & getting up early. 🙂

    It’s a different lifestyle than most, but I love it.

    PS: Jade is the easiest to grow since they pretty much tell you when they are thirsty! Hoya is a beautiful plant… there are so many beautiful variations.

  5. Hylan said:

    SAL AND WILLIAM!!! I absolutely love the blog…I have been trying to follow it! Sally, I think you have found your calling!!!! Seriously, you need to get someone very important to look at this so maybe you can make a movie like the one about the cook? Im sure you know….heehee

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