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Mini baked apple pies!

The other night I had the urge to bake something.  And just so you know, 85% of the time when I bake something, I bake what I will not eat.  That way I’m not tempted–and let me tell you, picky eaters (um, me.) can be obnoxious, but I am thankful I can hone my baking skills without the associated guilt and weight gain that normally goes along with it!

I saw these mini apple pies on none other than Pinterest the other night and wanted to give them a try. I do not like apple pie so they were perfect–no temptation!  I substituted a little more brown sugar instead of white and I brushed the top of the pastry dough with butter and added a little bit of sugar/cinnamon combo on the top.  They were SUPER easy to make and I loved getting to use my melon baller!  I would highly suggest trying these!  If nothing else, they just look fancy–step aside Martha Stewart!

Up close and personal.