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Occasionally I have really brilliant ideas.  (stress on the word occasionally)  And though I already know they are brilliant, they tend to take a bit of convincing to get William on board.  The building of our Cornhole set was no different.

Momentary pause because I have been told as of late that PacNWestern folk are not familiar with Cornhole (aka Baggo, Corn Bag Toss).  I want no accusation that this is a crazy Southern game, even though it is, because it is legit.  It has its own Wikipedia page!

I have always loved Cornhole.  We played during college on game days and they are wonderful memories for me.  It’s the little things, you know.  Throwing a bean bag at a hole.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  I found this site that had step-by-step instructions (amazing by the way) for making a Cornhole set and I decided that it was nothing that we couldn’t do!  After we got the project underway, which involved me convincing William we needed this for our backyard, it was a pretty simple process. Like anything William and I undertake, our creative minds clashed from time to time, but we were both SO pleased with the way these turned out.

Mr. Fancy Pants hard at work!

The first few steps were to sand, stand, and tape off our design. I will say that I and I alone did the amazing tape job. Pat me on the back!

They are exactly what I wanted.  Old school backyard game feel–very vintage varsity.  LOVE THEM!  I thought I’d share our building process via photos.  Our new favorite is to pack them up and take them to Laurelhurst Park for games.  There is SO much more space and we always pick up a few extra players who want to join in.

Going to be totally honest. I did not make these. Didn’t really even consider it. There are so many people who sell them for VERY reasonable prices on Etsy. I purchased mine from this lady who is selling to help her children pay off their college loans!

Painting progress after one evening.

And the design is revealed! Tape came off wonderfully (thanks to me) and all we had left was William’s hand painted type!

Just drying away in the shed…

TA-DA! A finished product! Above is our inaugural game. I lost. 24-18.  It was probably the intimidating type! I think I was playing on the ‘Nice Try Sucker!’ board…It gets in your head if you don’t watch out!

**Note:  The Bryant’s added a rule to the traditional Cornhole game which you should know if you ever come play with us.  We have our amazing friend Ryan to thank for this one.  If you make a ‘swish’ into the Cornhole, we’ll give you 5 points rather than the traditional 3 points…because let’s be honest, while I’m aiming to become the next Cornhole Champion, William is just using this as another way to try and impersonate his childhood hero.  So for that, we have to honor MJ.  Michael Jordan, not Jackson.  Though I’m not sure either of them play(ed) Cornhole.  

I know I have mentioned this a few times, but Mr. Fancy Pants was in an accident about 13 months ago and lost some of his “toofies”.  TODAY was (hopefully) his LAST surgery in this process.  13 months and multiple surgeries later, he had titanium implants put into his jaw today.  Yuck.  He is SUCH a trooper.  He is a little mean on pain medication, but he’s been very sweet today.  Last go around he raised his voice at me, gave me some nasty looks and told me I was a “buzz killer”.  So far so good today though.

On happy, drugged-up camper!

Last night was Ladies Crafting Collective Valentine’s edition craft night with my favorite creative ladies.  Instead of making him a Valentine’s card, I decided to make him a tooth card.  One of the amazing ladies in LCC has a paper cutter that can cut vector images from your laptop.  She cut me some amazing toofies for my card!

And as a side note, I’m not sure I’ve ever shared our LCC logo.  We are legit.  One of our ladies is one half of the remarkably talented duo behind Always with Honor.  Seriously check out their work if you haven’t already.  It reminds me (keeping in mind my very limited knowledge of design) of the amazing design work that came out of the WPA movement in the 30s and 40s.

Ladies Crafting Collective logo by the INCREDIBLY talented Elsa Lang from Always with Honor!

After Ms. Rachel cut my perfectly perfect teeth for me, I got started on my card.  Allyn (half of SALLYN) helped me with the card and was the brains behind the superhero tooth with a cape and she got Loretta to sit quite still while we paw-printed her for the card!  I was actually very impressed with Loretta while we were doing it.  She was quite cooperative.

“I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”

One of the other creative ladies came up with the phrase, “I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”!  It was so perfect!  On the inside of the card we have a tooth superhero with a cape and Miss Loretta’s paw print which is actually my personal favorite part of the card.

It was an overall success!  I am thankful he’s out of the woods!  Or at least done with this phase of this ridiculous process.  He has been so patient and wonderful!  It’s about time the boy has some TEETH!

The inside of the card features a note from me and a flying tooth with a cape from Loretta. OH and her paw print. 
Detailed shot of the tooth superhero and his cape. Sheer amazingness.

Three years ago today, we said “I do”.  It was a perfect day.  Literally the ONLY thing I would change about the day is I forgot to put on the fake eyelashes that I bought to wear (they were supposed to look very real–not the kind I used to wear for dance recitals).  If that doesn’t tell how you how perfect our day was, then I don’t know what would!

I looked up what the “traditional” wedding gift for the third anniversary should be.  Leather.  We’ve never followed those “wedding anniversary gifts by year”, though I do think it would be sort of neat. So, this year we’re going to the Trail Blazers/Lakers game here in Portland on Thursday evening to celebrate our three years.  We’ve never been to a game here before and we’re very excited, though through an ordering mishap on my end, our seats are not so great.  Oh well.

Regardless, I am so thankful that God answered the prayer I had been praying for years.  He gave me my William, and after 9 years of dating, I finally became Mrs. William Bryant.  Best.  Day.  Ever.  Happy Anniversary sweetheart.  I love you to the moon and back.

Mr. Fancy Pants and I before the ceremony.
We did it! Headed to the reception!
Cuttin’ the cake!
First dance!
Here we are! Days 6-10 of gift giving.

I’m telling you, ABC Family has ruined the phrase “25 Days of Christmas” for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it that they play Christmas movies for the entire month of December, but I cannot hear “25 Days of Christmas” without expecting something having to do with a Harry Potter Weekend or Harry Potter network television premiere to follow.  Ah well.

I apologize for being MIA for basically all of December.  It was busy.  Very busy.  But we’re back to the grind after traveling home to see family for the holidays.  I wanted to make sure I finished posting about William’s 25 Christmas gifts so today we have days 6-10.

  • Day 6: A Kitchen Sink!  He was so confused by this gift.  I found it at Next Adventure and it’s basically a collapsable kitchen sink for camping.  I thought it was great.  He was quite confused and humored (thus his face in the picture)
  • Day 7: New undies!  And yes, I made him pose in them.
  • Day 8: A new bow tie!  I love a man in a bow tie!
  • Day 9: NIKE store gift card.  I have no doubt he’ll have NO trouble finding something to spend that on.
  • Day 10: This is Washington D.C. by M. Sasek.  It’s not a holiday without an M. Sasek book for his collection.

**Please note his attire on day 10.  This was the night of our Redneck Christmas party and he made himself a make-shift package by sewing a bow on his sweatshirt.  Festive.

This Christmas marks several firsts.  Some I’m excited about, some not so much.  Tomorrow will mark the FIRST time in my 25 years of life I chopped down my own Christmas tree.  THIS I am very excited about.  I researched a lot of tree farms (and there were a lot to choose from).  But, I have made my selection.  We’re headed to Helvetia Christmas Tree Farms in Beaverton, OR.  I grabbed these from their website.

Getting them all ready to go to their Christmas home!
Check out all of those trees in the background! And if someone has to be carryin’ a tree…it isn’t going to be me!  Sorry Mr. Fancy Pants.

I’ve picked out exactly where I want to have the tree.  I think we need a tall, skinny one.  We have pretty high ceilings so I’m looking for an 8 footer.  We’ve got sunshine in the forecast for Portland tomorrow (shocking for this time of year) and we’re headed out early!  We’re going to have breakfast at our favorite spot and then head out!  Cannot.  Wait.

On another note, I start decorating our home tomorrow for the first time alone.  My mom has been with me every year to make our apartment Christmasy and wonderful.  This year I’m on my own and there is SUCH pressure!  Mr. Fancy Pants is helpful for the tree but decorating isn’t his cup of tea.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but Mr. Fancy Pants has a serious glitter aversion.  I have to limit the amount of glittery decor that enters our house in December or he’s not a happy camper!  Not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but the words Christmas and glitter are almost interchangeable (not in the meaning or what they stand for–that’s not what I mean, it’s just EVERYTHING has glitter).

This is also the first year for me to do a count down of Christmas presents for Mr. Fancy Pants.  I’ll dedicate a couple of posts to this but for your previewing pleasure, I’ve included days 1 and 2 captured below.  One the first day of Christmas his true love gave to him…a Pendleton scarf!  And on the second day of Christmas his true love gave to him…an Alabama tshirt!

Days 1 and 2 down…23 to go!

I started him out with good ones.  All of them aren’t so fancy.  I bought 25 gifts and stayed (almost) at my budget.  So expect to see some funny stuff over the next 23 days.  I thought this would be a fun change to the norm, and we have to travel to Texas with every gift we’re giving this year, so I was thinking ahead!  We’ll only have to travel with the last 3 of his gifts!

T-minus 1 week until our annual Christmas party!  We will miss all of our Austin friends this year but are excited about the plans for the celebration!  AND Mr. Fancy Pants finished our Christmas card today and it’s off to be letter pressed.  He never ceases to amaze me.  I hope everyone has survived the Thanksgiving turkey coma and have pulled on their Christmastime britches!  We sure have!

View from our campsite Saturday morning.

The Eagle Scout and I woke up early on Saturday morning to do some exploring!  Here’s an incredible photo of Lost Lake on Saturday morning.  There were some awesome clouds sitting on the water until the sun broke through.  I actually enjoyed seeing them “float” above the water, though it was pretty spectacular when the sun broke through as well!

We did some hiking on the Lakeshore Trail.  In total it’s about 3.2 miles but I think we only hiked half. We would have liked to walk farther but we got hungry!  Ha!

Morning kiddies! Can you say, “Hey, I just woke up??”
Lakeshore Trail at Lost Lake
Here’s The Eagle Scout standing on a big tree trunk looking out over the lake.

So I did break out the tri-pod while we were there.  Keep in mind that there weren’t that many people around so I didn’t have the opportunity to ask someone else to snap our photo AND this way we made sure we got exactly what we wanted.  What am I saying, I’m not even going to justify taking the tri-pod! I’M PROUD OF IT! 🙂

The Eagle Scout and I just posin’ for a picture!
A little Alabama shout out. Because they are always necessary. ROLL TIDE!

After our little hike, we headed back to our campsite.  The Eagle snapped a few pictures of the campsite in the day time while I was preparing breakfast.  He worked his magic with a hat full of wood-shavings (that he carved by hand with his knife) and had this fire up and going in no time.  Which can I say is quite an accomplishment because everything was so wet from the dew and cloud mist the night before.

View of The Eagle Scout’s superb fire making abilities.
A little ariel shot

For breakfast, we made Campfire Eggs.  I have no idea, other than the obvious reason, why they would be called that.  They weren’t anything that couldn’t be done over a normal stove.  But we were talking with a friend yesterday about how when you’re camping, everything seems to taste better over an open flame!  Ha!  To make the campfire eggs, we used eggs, turkey bacon, onion, peppers, and mushrooms.

  1. First I cooked the bacon in the skillet.  We didn’t have any PAM or butter or anything so the bacon grease served us well–no, not the healthiest thing in the world but that wasn’t what we were going for.
  2. Then I threw in all of the veggies and cooked them until they were browning.
  3. Last, just throw in the eggs and stir everything together until the eggs scramble up!
We sprinkled some cheese over ours when we were done and it was goooooood.  The one thing we did forget was a morning-time drink like OJ or the like.  In the absence, hot chocolate hit the spot–though I am QUITE sure I have never had hot chocolate for breakfast before!
Me cookin’ away on our campfire eggs
The smoke from the fire in combination with how cold it was outside steamed up the lens of the camera. To which, The Eagle Scout says “Hey! I have my very own Instagram filter now!” Ah…our life.
Happy Campers!

Here, courtesy of our tri-pod, we have a quick photo of us in front of our tent that we pitched together. GREAT tent!  I would highly recommend it!  The sales guy at Next Adventure worked really hard to sell us on this tent because of the ‘X’ shaped cross bar thing it has over the top.  Supposedly gives you extra room inside of there.  SURE does.  We actually commented when we were laying inside of there how happy we were that we bought it!  So great job Mr. Sales Guy from Next Adventure!

Us and our tent!

After we packed up, we drove around the campsite for a bit to see the rest of it in the day time.  Like I said, we did a great job picking a campsite in the dark, but we wanted to see the site from the other side of the lake as well.  For perspectives sake, our campsite was over the pack of trees on the other end of the lake on the left (in the picture below).

There were some clouds lingering that morning so we weren’t able to see Mt. Hood from the campsite because it was covered up.  BUT we were really close to it.  And we saw it later on that morning!

Lost Lake–Oregon (Mt. Hood was hiding that morning behind some clouds)
I like this one of us!
The Eagle Scout lookin’ all handsome.
Me, just thankful that for once in my life I packed appropriately and wasn’t cold.
This picture is funny because we look hilarious. AND because The Eagle almost tripped and fell into the lake trying to get to where I was before the self-timer on the camera went off.

We took the “scenic” route home.  Probably a bad idea.  There was a good 15 miles of gravel road and we did take one detour because there was a huge sign up that said “Road Construction-Detour”. HUGE mistake. We should have just stayed on the road because it was fine but instead we traveled another 5 miles into the middle of NOWHERE.  There was no road, just a path where some construction trucks had driven.  It finally dead ended in the middle of the woods.  Not a good time for us.  I was a little nervous.  My little car is NOT made for off-road adventures.

We did finally make it back to the correct road (after turning around and driving back through the middle of no where to the “detour” sign…and then ignoring it which we should have done in the first place).  On our way home we got some BEAUTIFUL views of Mt. Hood.  We stopped about 6 times to take pictures.  I’m sure you can understand why!

Mt. Hood from Mt. Hood Highway
SO crazy to see it so close!
And again. This is a beautiful picture but it doesn’t even do it justice!

I will leave you with this picture.  Because I laughed for about 25 minutes after I saw it.  He really wasn’t posing.  And he has his hat like that to keep the sun out of his eyes.  But doesn’t he look like some sort of cowboy model!?  I tried to find a picture that looks similar because to me it is reminiscent of John Wayne but I couldn’t find the one I’m thinking of.  Oh well.  It’s still HILARIOUS!  Happy Camping y’all!

The Eagle Scout aka model extraordinaire!

Over the weekend I posted about being overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the things I want to do and see in the next month and a half.  I must be super-de-duper overwhelmed to have forgotten this weekends upcoming festivities.  We’re going camping!

Trying out my new sleepin’ bag! Hope the bugs don’t get what part of my face is hanging out for them to nibble on!

I am really excited about this outing!  #1 I’ve never been tent camping for real.  And #2 it’s just me and the hubby together.  Bring on the cards, campfires, and ghost stories! Mr. Fancy Pants is an Eagle Scout and loves being outside.  He grew up camping with his dad and brother and scout troop. This will be our first camping experience together!  I can tell he’s pretty excited about it and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited myself!  We had a tentative trip planned after we first moved here and it ended up falling through.  BUT we did snag me a sleeping bag that week.  William took this picture in the store when the sales guy made me climb in the sleeping bag on the floor to make sure it was a good fit. Makes me laugh!

Weather forecast for 10/7-10/8 on Mt. Hood

Also looks like the weather is going to hold out for us as well.  It may prove to be a little colder up on the mountain than the forecast says, but my sleeping bag is good for -25 degrees and above so I think I’m set!  Mr. Fancy Pants’s parents were nice enough to ship his bag up from Texas so he’s set and ready to go.

We’re headed to buy our tent today after work!  VERY excited about that.  Probably going to snag some “keep the bad kind of nature away” spray too.  (I’m a little afraid of bears and snakes…though I’m told there aren’t many snakes in OR).  We bought my sleeping bag at Next Adventure and I think that’s where we’ll go for our tent and supplies as well.  They have EVERYTHING and it’s very price friendly as well.  We are car camping so we’ll be able to take along a few “extra comforts” to ensure my first experience goes a-ok.

Mr. Fancy Pants trying on a new camping hat.

Last weekend we ran in the Portland Outdoor Store and Mr. Fancy Pants tried on this hat.  If I was a betting woman, I’d say it will probably come home with us this evening as well.  Who wouldn’t want to go camping with this guy?!  There has also been mention of a “hobo dinner” on Friday night.  I am told it is a bunch of veggies and meat thrown in some foil, and I am assured it’s good.  I’m a little curious about that one but that’s what’s on the menu for Friday night.

Our plan is to camp at Lost Lake.  It is first come, first serve and we won’t be leaving until after work so I’m a little nervous about getting a spot but we should be ok. Looks beautiful huh?  Can’t wait!!!

Lost Lake–Oregon
Portland Pumpkin Farm

Making family traditions, though we’re not “technically” a family (with children) yet, has been one of my favorite parts of being married.  I cannot say if Mr. Fancy Pants would agree with me.  I know he tags along to humor me, but I hope that if he digs down real real deep, he finds some enjoyment in it too.

This October marks the third fall we’ve been married.  It also marks the third time I have carried him along with me to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins.  Our first two falls were spent in Austin, TX, and we traveled to Marble Falls, TX to Sweet Berry Farms two years in a row for some pumpkin fun.  (I wrote about the first trip here and apparently didn’t blog in October last year (yikes) so you can see pictures here.) The first year it rained but we went anyway.  We were almost the only people there and we had so much fun.  There really are few words for me to express how happy these memories make me.  Last year, my dear friend Tiffany came along with us.  It was a beautiful afternoon and there were TONS of people there–very different from the year before.  We still had a blast.  It quickly became an annual tradition.

This year we of course were not able to make it back to Marble Falls, but no fret.  There is still pumpkin fun to be had!  The two BEST things about fall in the NW are 1. that it actually feels like fall outside and 2. Sauvie Island.  Digressing for just a second, Sauvie Island is one of my favorite parts of Portland.  It is actually located about 10 miles NW of downtown Portland.  It is an island, hence the name, that is separated from mainland Portland by the Columbia River, Multnomah Channel, and the Williamette River.  The island is FULL of amazing organic farms, one of which we visited and I blogged about here, beaches, wildlife, rivers, lakes, etc. etc.  It is AMAZING how close to Portland it is, yet how far away you feel once you’re there.  And because I love a good map…here’s one of the island:

Map of Sauvie Island in Portland, OR

Alright, enough putting off the inevitable.  I again was in my happy place in a field full of pumpkins. William pulled our wagon of amazing pumpkins and gourds.  I again did not have a child like everyone else there.  But what the hay (pun intended).  It makes me unbelievably happy.  I did think it would be funny to look at pictures of us from the last three years.  Aren’t we just growing up!?  (and isn’t my husband a fantastic sport!?)

Pumpkin patch x3 (2009, 2010, 2011)

Here are some of the pictures from our day.  It rained on us a little bit but we didn’t mind.  We both wore our boots and rain coats and had a great time.  No corn for me this year but we did actually PICK the pumpkins off the vines which you couldn’t do in Texas.  And yes, Mr. Fancy Pants and his mad Eagle Scouting skills navigated us through the corn maze in record time.  What a wonderful, wonderful afternoon!

Pumpkins still on the vines! They are prickly little suckers!
Holding one of our punkins after I plucked it from the vine!
Oh don’t mind me. I just tripped on a pumpkin and almost fell over. Second time this week!
Us in our L.L. Bean boots! William is so happy to finally have some! Thanks Mom and Dad Bryant!  Great day to break his in!

OH and for any Portland-iers out there wondering where we went, we were at the Portland Pumpkin Farm. (though, Kruger Farms seemed to have a lot going on there too.  We would recommend either!)

Trying to show off his boots. While also falling over.
One happy, happy wife.
Mr. Fancy Pants with our wagon! He’s having a good time! I promise.
Our loot!
Me with the wagon!
Yes, there were rules. Yes, we broke them.
Here we on on a bridge that was in the corn maze.
Navigating and probably checking Twitter while in the maze.
Mr. Pumpkin Scarecrow man
One happy lady. (with really bad posture)

Mr. Fancy Pants with HIS cover of NYTimes Magazine

Just really quick, because I’m SUPER proud and haven’t had a chance to post this yet.  A few weeks ago, my incredibly talented husband had his first (solo) magazine cover design debut.  And it was the New York Times Magazine.  Incredible.  They sought him out because they had seen his work and he created an amazing cover for them (in a really short amount of time I might add).

Here’s his picture in Powell’s Books with one of the last copies (yes, they were almost sold out).  I made him pose with it.  He loves me.

If you haven’t before now, please check out his site.

He’s also had two really great features on him and the cover design.  If you’re interested, they can be found here:



ADX Portland

Our feature on Apartment Therapy

In the aftermath of being featured yesterday on Apartment Therapy, there are no words other than…wow.  I am not accustomed to seeing the amount of traffic I had on my blog yesterday.  I’m used to my mom, mother-in-law, and the occasional friend stopping by to read what we have going on over here. (Notice I did not mention my husband, Mr. Fancy Pants.  Because although he was the person that encouraged me to start this blog, he says my posts “have too many words” and rarely reads them all the way through).

To those of you who happened upon my blog for the first time yesterday, welcome.  I hope you enjoyed what you read.  I wish I was better at posting consistently, but I’m not.  I do this because I enjoy it.  When it becomes a chore, I take a break.  I am trying to post often now that we live in OR and most of my family and friends are far far away–mass updates on our life are one thing I will say “thank you” to the internet for.

For us, it was so mind-blowing to see our home on Apartment Therapy.  We’ve been married for three years (almost) and have lived in three different places together.  Two apartments in Austin, TX and now our house here in Portland, OR.  I think I’ll do a post someday on each of them.  It’s funny to look back at the other two and see how our style has changed…well not so much changed, it has just taken a while for our two styles to converge into something cohesive.  To our marriage, William brought neon colors and crazy shapes.  I brought a love for things that were old (and let me just clarify and say that while “vintage” is cool, “old” is not always classified as such).  Over the years, his taste has tamed a bit and mine has become more refined.  I’m not going to lie, I LOVE what happens when our minds collaborate.  Turns out we are pretty good when we mix our ideas together.  That’s the thing about marrying an artist…ideas are never in short supply.

All of that said, yesterday was a fun day for us.  So thank you to Adrienne and Apartment Therapy for that.  To see the post on their site, click here.