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I’ve been mulling over how exactly I want to document our new little project and this is what came out of it. I used a cross cut of wood and some chalkboard paint (my new obsession by the way) to create this little sign. Our guests can write their names, the date, doodle, ANYTHING they want on it!  This is going to be the consistant element in all of the pictures we take during the process.  I’m also going to make another little piece that hangs below with the Dixieland Delight logo William designed painted on it.  We still have wood leftover from our headboard so I imagine I’ll use that.

Explaination behind the message: William thought it would be really funny last year to make our Christmas cards say “Merry Christmas you big dummy”. Which probably would have been hilarious but entirely inappropriate. So now this is just a really funny phrase to us…you big dummy! Ha!

I can’t wait for the finished product!  I think it will look fabulous.  Or at least I am hoping it does.  Painting has never been my forte, however I am going to try my best to make the second part of this sign look perfect.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can!

Dixieland Delight! Ah…never gets old.
Here they are…live and in person! 1 token = 1 free meal (and time with US) at Dixieland Delight!

This is about the most excited I have been for a project in a long while.  And that says something because if you know me, you know I LOVE a good project.  A few months ago, William designed these wooded nickels.  I wrote about our plan on a previous post that you can mosey over to if you’d like (click here).

A little bit of background in case you aren’t aware of what these little beauties are…One of our dearest friends, Tiffany came up with this idea when we were moving away from Austin as a way for us to meet new friends.  Keeping in mind my love of entertaining and cooking and Mr. Fancy Pants’ love for people in general, we thought this was amazing.  The nickels themselves were fairly inexpensive and we had a blast designing them together.

We’ve been passing these out for the last several months with only ONE couple reaching out to schedule their free dinner (and huge props to them–not only are they amazing, but they’re also Texas Transplants)  William and I decided that most people probably don’t feel comfortable just “inviting” themselves over for dinner (understandable) though that was our intention.  SO we have designed an invitation using my favorite, Paperless Post, in order to invite our new friends over to cash in their token!!

We have lots and lots for the taking! Better get ’em while they’re hot!

How to document this whole process has been my little project.  And I have finally come up with what I would like to do.  There is no good reason on why they need to be documented other than the fact that I refuse to let the institution of the dinner party die while I’m still alive.  So, if you have a token, expect a whole sha-bang when you come over!  Because this Southern lady is itchin’ to entertain!

I’ve decided that we’re going to document our first 50 “takers” by photographing them with a little homemade sign we’re working on (I’ll reveal that when it’s finished), making note of the menu and any fun anecdotes of our time together.  I am going to work with William to get a template of a faux photo booth strip to put all of the pictures into (inspiration below)  At the end of our social experiment, we’re going to put them all into a book–I think I am going to use Pinhole Press to print it–and it will always be something that we have to remember our time in Portland.

Photo booth strip inspiration. Saw these on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought they would be PERFECT! Click here to read about it!

Now all I need are some hungry new friends!!  And don’t fret out-of-towners.  WHEN (not if) you come visit and I cook for you.  YOU will be included in this little project too!!  Stay tuned for your invitation OR if you don’t have a token yet, let us know!  We want everyone to be involved with the Nickel Narratives!

I know we all have a little list of “wants” tucked away for a rainy day.  Things that we by NO means need, but if we saved up the money, we might splurge on.  I was thinking about my list today and how comical the price range is.  All the way from things that I probably could buy to things that I never should.  Ah.  I’m a classic female.  Ha!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share my list with you.

1.  Gold Arrow Bracelet

Gold Arrow Bracelet from iadornu on etsy

2. Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup Food Processor 

One word. Woooooooow!  This falls into one of those items I shouldn’t buy!

3. James Avery “Rifle” and “Bullet” charms

Only a girl from the South would want a rifle and bullet charm for her charm bracelet. Yes I realize how old I am and yes I do still get charms for my charm bracelet.

I’m going to digress for just a second and talk about the wonder that is my James Avery charm bracelet.  Most girls I knew growing up had a charm bracelet.  Only one I know (other than myself) still gets charms for hers.  And she happens to be my best childhood friend.  She and I might as well be the same person in a lot of ways and I know she will always understand my love for my charm bracelet.

I could walk you through the majority of my life with the charms on the bracelet.  One for most of the momentous (and even not so momentous) occasions in my life.  What makes it even better is my Mom had a James Avery bracelet growing up so I have a lot of her hand me downs.  Those I cherish more than most.

And in case you were wondering, there are 59 charms on that baby and it weighs about 35 lbs.!  (it does not really weigh 35 lbs. but it is heavy as all get out.)

THE bracelet a few months ago. We have a few new additions since this was taken.

4. White Cover Edition of the Wizard of Oz original 14 book series  [Hardbound; Published circa 1965 by Reilly & Lee]

Another example of something I shouldn’t buy. But I have always wanted this version of this series. The illustrations are amazing and the artwork on the covers is my FAVORITE!

 5. Spinning Makeup Organizer

I. Love. This. It’s GENIUS!

I know I have mentioned this a few times, but Mr. Fancy Pants was in an accident about 13 months ago and lost some of his “toofies”.  TODAY was (hopefully) his LAST surgery in this process.  13 months and multiple surgeries later, he had titanium implants put into his jaw today.  Yuck.  He is SUCH a trooper.  He is a little mean on pain medication, but he’s been very sweet today.  Last go around he raised his voice at me, gave me some nasty looks and told me I was a “buzz killer”.  So far so good today though.

On happy, drugged-up camper!

Last night was Ladies Crafting Collective Valentine’s edition craft night with my favorite creative ladies.  Instead of making him a Valentine’s card, I decided to make him a tooth card.  One of the amazing ladies in LCC has a paper cutter that can cut vector images from your laptop.  She cut me some amazing toofies for my card!

And as a side note, I’m not sure I’ve ever shared our LCC logo.  We are legit.  One of our ladies is one half of the remarkably talented duo behind Always with Honor.  Seriously check out their work if you haven’t already.  It reminds me (keeping in mind my very limited knowledge of design) of the amazing design work that came out of the WPA movement in the 30s and 40s.

Ladies Crafting Collective logo by the INCREDIBLY talented Elsa Lang from Always with Honor!

After Ms. Rachel cut my perfectly perfect teeth for me, I got started on my card.  Allyn (half of SALLYN) helped me with the card and was the brains behind the superhero tooth with a cape and she got Loretta to sit quite still while we paw-printed her for the card!  I was actually very impressed with Loretta while we were doing it.  She was quite cooperative.

“I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”

One of the other creative ladies came up with the phrase, “I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”!  It was so perfect!  On the inside of the card we have a tooth superhero with a cape and Miss Loretta’s paw print which is actually my personal favorite part of the card.

It was an overall success!  I am thankful he’s out of the woods!  Or at least done with this phase of this ridiculous process.  He has been so patient and wonderful!  It’s about time the boy has some TEETH!

The inside of the card features a note from me and a flying tooth with a cape from Loretta. OH and her paw print. 
Detailed shot of the tooth superhero and his cape. Sheer amazingness.
Mini baked apple pies!

The other night I had the urge to bake something.  And just so you know, 85% of the time when I bake something, I bake what I will not eat.  That way I’m not tempted–and let me tell you, picky eaters (um, me.) can be obnoxious, but I am thankful I can hone my baking skills without the associated guilt and weight gain that normally goes along with it!

I saw these mini apple pies on none other than Pinterest the other night and wanted to give them a try. I do not like apple pie so they were perfect–no temptation!  I substituted a little more brown sugar instead of white and I brushed the top of the pastry dough with butter and added a little bit of sugar/cinnamon combo on the top.  They were SUPER easy to make and I loved getting to use my melon baller!  I would highly suggest trying these!  If nothing else, they just look fancy–step aside Martha Stewart!

Up close and personal.
Invitation to our BCS National Championship watching party!

The last time Alabama was in the BCS National Championship game, 2009, we were living in Austin, TX and I wanted SO badly to go to the game.  It was in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl and I tried so hard to get us tickets.  I actually thought I had snagged us some at one point but it turned out to be too good to be true.  We hosted some friends over at our house to watch the game and I swore up and down that the next time we were in the Championship game, I would be there.  Little did I know that it would be a short 2 years later and we would be living on the other side of the country.

Needless to say, we weren’t able to make it to the game this year either.  It was in New Orleans and I’m quite sure I was one of the ONLY ones that wasn’t there out of my college friends (that is an exaggeration but it’s almost true).  I was glad the game was so close to UA because it makes for easy traveling for the fan base.  And though I was very sad we weren’t going to be able to afford to get there, I planned a BCS National Championship watching party at our house to make up for it!

Roll Tide!

I pulled out a lot of my Alabama memorabilia for the dining room table.  I wore my jersey from the last championship and invited over all my Junior League girls (luckily they are mostly SEC fans and NONE from LSU so they were all pulling for Bama!)  We had a few other friends join us as well that are football fans though it’s hard to find SEC fans out here in Oregon!

Even my sweet husband was able to make it for the second half–he’s juggling graduate school, teaching, free lance work, etc.  He’s a busy bee!  But he came in at the beginning of half time, changed into his Bama shirt and was ready to cheer on the Tide for the second half of the game!!

So incredibly thankful for this girl and her husband!
I made two fans of Yellow Hammers out of these ladies.

Because I was no where NEAR the game, I felt I needed to bring Alabama to my friends here.  I made Yellow Hammers and they were a huge hit!  In case you don’t know, Yellow Hammers are the drink that is served at Gallettes, a bar on the Strip, on game days.  I only had one of my classic Gallettes cups here in Oregon with me but I did have a bunch of Alabama styrofoam cups for everyone’s drinking pleasure.  And if you’re curious the recipe, shoot me a message and I’ll give it to you!

Watching the game…at a commercial…
I whipped out a bunch of my Alabama memorabilia for the tables-cape!
Alabama ‘A’ cupcakes made by Ashley and her sister Jamie!

I had all sorts of treats for us to eat as well as taco soup for dinner.  AND Caitlin came through for us and made her fantastic corn bread and everyone was SO glad to see it!  (it’s amazing!)

Some fantastic ladies!
Miss Casey and I and our cups! Glad that Ole Miss grad was able to come cheer on my team! She’s so gracious!
Me and Miss Anna! (yet another wonderful JLP friend!)

Overall it was a wonderful evening filled with wonderful company and an even MORE wonderful outcome to the game (sorry to any LSU fans out there)!  I may or may not have cried at the end of the game.  And like each week, our victory was topped off with a phone call from my Mimi.  We talk after every Bama win and she and I were both in tears this year.  What a sweet victory and end to a wonderful season.  14 National titles.  You can’t beat that!  I am convinced that no one but fellow Southerners will understand how much a football victory can mean to you and your family.  And I don’t expect anyone to understand why it brings me to tears.  But it does.

Today and ALWAYS I am PROUD to be an alumna of the University of Alabama.  Even though my daddy considers it a somewhat inferior school, UA gave me 4 of the BEST years of my life.  ROLL TIDE ROLL!

–And as one more side note, if you are a Bama fan, you know THIS win was special because Nick Saban was grinning from ear to ear!

The whole gang who came to cheer on my Tide! (and Lonny who chose to wear an LSU jersey to make me mad! Ha!)
My amazing wristbands from Mr. Lonny Hurley!