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A few months ago I posted about the project that I was working on with the photos from mine and William’s trip to London with my parents.  I didn’t want to print out a hundred pictures individually because it just seems wasteful.  That said, I am very much a “tangible” person so I wanted to do something with the pictures other than have them sit in an album on Flickr and in my iPhoto.  So, I am creating a photo book using iPhoto that will be bound with a hardback cover and so I’ll have all my photos in one place that I can show off whenever I like! Read more about my project here.

I also have commissioned my in house artist, Mr. Fancy Pants, to design a cover for the front of the book.  He is almost done with the finished product!  How talented is he?!

This is the cover for the London photo book designed by Mr. Fancy Pants

This is way past the artistic ability that I have housed in my little brain so we’ll give credit where credit is due (ahem Mr. Fancy Pants), but the inspiration and concept behind his drawing was from one of his favorite illustrators M.Sasek and his book This is London.

This is London illustrated by M. Sasek

Miroslav Sasek was the Czech artist, illustrator and author of the This Is series of children’s books (which are amazing by the way).  We have a little collection of these books and will always welcome more.  They are beautiful to look at and are great inspiration for William.

This is London is the second This Is book and undoubtedly one of the best. Sasek concentrates on the things he likes best: people, costume, transport and local details that somehow come together to form a whole impression of the city that still seems quite accurate today.  Here are some other covers from his collection that are equally as beautiful.

This is Edinburgh illustrated by M. Sasek

This is Venice illustrated by M. Sasek

This is Texas illustrated by M. Sasek

My sweet cousin (she’s not really my cousin, she’s Mr. Fancy Pants’ cousin but I claim her as my own) introduced me to this amazing company.  Paperwink is a stationary and product design company started by two friends, Tara and Darcey.  Read what they have to say about the beginnings of Paperwink:

“Over the years, they discovered that they have similar likes: paper, design, vintage life and putting letters and colors together. They decided to share their craft and ideas with others by creating invitations, announcements, stationery and, well, things. They packed their bags with pens, fonts, textures and inspiration and began their labor of love, Paperwink.”

Their portfolio consists of expertly designed stationary, invites, labels, notecards, rubber stamps, and on and on and on….basically any and everything you would need to be the most perfect pen pal!

I had been on the look out for some return labels that were designed well and I had come up quite short.  That is until I stumbled upon Paperwink.  Though it was a tough choice, I decided on this amazing rubber stamp instead of return labels.  The girls not only emailed me a proof before the stamp was made, they are about the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with.  I am SO pleased with my purchase and though the mailman probably doesn’t care, I stamp our return address on everything that is sent from this apartment so I’m sure he’s tired of seeing it by now!

I am not even going to lie to you.  I have sent in our electricity bill in the mail since I got my stamp rather than using our online auto-pay just so I can use my rubber stamp.  Thank you Paperwink! (and yes, I realize my address is now posted on my blog.  Call me crazy, but I trust no one is going to come track me down…)

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant the most legendary coach of Alabama football

I love football season.  I also love SEC football.  More than that, I love Alabama football.  Mr. Fancy Pants is a Mississippi State alum and fellow SEC football lover, but one day a year, we are enemies.  Sadly, I am not going to get to make it to a UA football game this year (unless we make it to the National Championship again–which I will NOT miss) so I’ve been watching our intro video that is played at the beginning of every home game.  Seriously, brings tears and chills to me every time I watch it.  THIS IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!

First Saturday of college football in the Bryant/Sarrett families. An Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi State fan!

Here is my dad, William, and I last weekend on the first Saturday of college football this season.  We are one big SEC family–Dad the Arkansas Razorback, me the Alabama Crimson Tide fan, and Mr. Fancy Pants the Mississippi State Bulldog.  All three of our first games of the season were on at 6 p.m. which posed quite the problem.  In the end, MSU was on in the den, Alabama in the kitchen, and Arkansas in my parent’s bedroom with the three of us running back and forth between each game.  It was a good day–all of our teams were victorious!

Soon, Mr. Fancy Pants and I will make the trek to Starkville, MS to meet up with our friends Landon and Julia for the Mississippi State vs. Georgia game.  I can’t wait to see our friends, some of William’s family, tailgate, and see some SEC football!  Such a silly problem, but I cannot find a good MSU tshirt to wear to the game.  BUT I did snag these amazing scarves from Amazon to sport for the season.  Not sure I’ll need it in September in Mississippi when it’s 400 degrees, but hey, at least I’ll look cute!

Jersey scarf- Mississippi State University

Jersey scarf- University of Alabama

Of course we can’t leave Avey cat out of all of the fun.  I wanted to make him a University of Alabama football player for Halloween this year, but it was pointed out to me that that might not be quite fair to assume that he is a UA fan.  He was after all born in the big city of Starkville, MS.  So, being a true diplomat, Avey will be sporting both MSU and UA football jerseys this fall.  I know he will hate them and they’re made for little puppies, but how great will the pictures be?!

Mississippi State football jersey

Alabama football jersey

I will post pictures of the Fancy Pants family in all of our football get up as soon as Avey’s gear comes in.  Hooray that fall (which brings football) is FINALLY here!