T-minus 7 days and counting…

In exactly seven days, I will be leaving with my amazing husband with TWO degrees to run away to Palm Springs for the weekend.  That’s right.  William is basically done with his Masters degree.  He still has to attend class for another month, however, he has completed his thesis paper, art show, final oral defense, everything!  I. am. so. proud.  (not to mention happy beyond belief that this part of our life is behind us!)  My work has topped the charts with stress lately so we decided a get away was in order.

To celebrate our returning to normal life, we booked ourselves a room at The Ace Hotel for Mother’s Day weekend!  I’ve been getting advice from amazing friends on where to go and what to eat and we have a tentative schedule, though all I really want to do is lay by the pool, soak up a lot of sunshine, hold William’s hand, and have a few of these “adult sno cones” everyone keeps telling me about!

The Ace Hotel- Palm Springs, CA

The Ace Hotel- Palm Springs, CA

Amazing pool scene at The Ace!

Amazing pool scene at The Ace!

Take me to the desert!

Take me to the desert!

On Saturday morning, I’m going to take a free yoga class that is offered to guests of the hotel.  Can’t pass up free yoga!  Sunday morning, I’m going to be in the pool taking water aerobics.  Yes, water aerobics.  Also included with the cost of our room.  Not passing up the opportunity!  AND Sunday afternoon, I’ve booked William and I Couples’ Massage Lessons!  We’re planning on going to some amazing restaurants recommended by one of my best friends, Heather.

Palm Springs is quite the happening place these days.  I’m glad I’ll have William on my arm!  This JCREW-clad lady might not quite fit in, but hey, I bought a big floppy hat from Urban Outfitters (an experience which, might I mention, made me feel SO old) that is pretty cool if I don’t say so myself.

7. Days. And. Counting.



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  1. I have been eyeing out this hotel myself! I think it could be a fun place to stay for a couple day get away. Not too far of a drive – maybe I will have to bug my mr. until he is willing to go.

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