I put Baby in a corner

So this is the problem with blogs.  It’s like what our mothers told us when Facebook came out.  “Once you put something on the Internet, you can never get it back”.  Well that’s what I did.  I went and talked all about my favorite movies.  And what did I do?  I LEFT OUT MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!

So, to pay homage to the greatest movie of all time, and to punish myself for omitting it, it shall have its own post.  Ladies and gentlemen (since I know you care…) my all time favorite movie:

DirtyDancing3-lgDIRTY DANCING

Gosh, what a great movie.  I hope I get to dance with Patrick Swayze in Heaven one day.  That would be amazing.  I have the soundtrack on vinyl.  I dance to it while I’m cleaning.  William walked in one day to me dancing around with the duster to the record player on full volume.  He said he could hear it at the street.  Oops.

That’s all I have for you.  I would like to apologize to Baby for ‘putting her in a corner’ and forgetting her.  To make up for it, I watched and danced to movie last night.  🙂


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