House Divided

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This past weekend, William and I flew to Austin for the wedding of two very special people.  How special you might ask?  Well we missed the Alabama/Mississippi State game for the first time in YEARS!  So, very special.  🙂

We were all dressed up in our wedding attire so no jerseys, face tats, shakers or cowbells to be seen between the two of us.  However, I did find a way to let us have a little school spirit during the reception.  #housedivided  Momentary pause to say that these koozies were replaced right after the game by the AMAZING koozies the bride and groom had as favors at the reception.  Seriously, I’ve never seen a more awesome wedding favor in my life.

Jay B & Priscilla’s wedding koozies!

I will say, while I’m thrilled my team won (Roll Tide), I am also sad that this year William’s team lost. MSU is doing AWESOME this year and I hope they are able to finish out the season strong.  For William’s sake, it was probably best we could only check the updates on the game from our phones as he would not have been too happy in front of a TV.

This weekend, we both have big games ahead of us.  MSU takes on A&M and we take on LSU.  Glad we’re past our one day a year when we’re enemies because both our teams need the Bryant’s support this weekend to pull out W’s!!

Roll Tide Roll!  Go Dawgs!

  1. Joanna said:

    Hi fellow Bama fan,
    Just stumbled onto your blog and noticed that you are a Bama fan in PDX. We will be watching the Alabama vs LSU tomorrow at the Kingston Sports Bar and Grill at 5pm. Hope you can join us to root on the Tide to stay undefeated.

    Roll Tide Roll !!!!!!!!

  2. Joanna said:

    Come join us at Macadam Grill on Jan 7 we will have a group of Alabama fans watching the National Championship game

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