The Road to 15

The Road to 15 starts tomorrow!  I teared up watching this video.  We won the National Championship the season after I graduated from UA.  Ever since then, I have worn our 2009 National Championship jersey with Mark Ingram’s number 22 on it.  Tomorrow, I retire that one for my new 2011 National Championship jersey with Trent Richardson’s number 3.  As I did with my last one, I will wear this jersey every game until we earn National Championship #15!!  A precious roommate of mine from college posted on my Instagram photo of my new jersey the other day saying “I hope you’re not too attached to that jersey.  The Road to #15 starts Saturday!”  She couldn’t be more right!!!

I know it burns my Daddy to read this, but I am PROUD to be a graduate of the University of Alabama. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. I will be glued to our TV cheering on my team as they open against Michigan!  It kills me that they’re playing in Dallas and I won’t be there, but I’ll still be beaming with pride from Oregon!

My UA Championship Jerseys. The one on the right I will be sporting until we win National Championship #15!


  1. KWM said:

    Pretty sure you guys will have another W this week. My poor hogs! 😦

  2. Joanna said:

    We just stumble onto your site and saw you are Bama fan in Portland. There is a group that gather to watch the games each week. This coming Sat we will be at Buffalo Wild Wings at Cascades Station for the Alabama vs Mississippi St at 5:30pm. Hope you can join us.

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