New Projects

I often get quite overwhelmed by things like Pinterest, Design Sponge, Etsy, etc.  I love crafting.  In an unhealthy kind of way, love it.  Like when I die, I want my house to be next door to Martha’s in Heaven. Seriously, all eternity with Martha Stewart and all of her crafting supplies next door…be still my heart.

[Yes, I am aware that my primary purpose in Heaven will not be crafting.  No one get worried here.  But who’s to say God won’t need a Chief Crafting Officer for making birthday parties really great!?  Maybe there already is one.  But since it’s eternity, maybe that person will let me do it for a while…maybe they’re ready for a change in crafting command…]

Anyway, I am constantly pinning various things I see on blogs to Pinterest so that I hopefully can get around to recreating whatever it is someday.  Currently, my crafting “to do” list looks about like my “to read” book list.  Long.  No end in sight.  Ha!

Photos from The Alison Show

DIY tassels from Linen, Lace and Love

The project currently on my docket is a form of garland/tassel/fringe thing–very proper English, I know. I have so many uses for these in my head, though none of which I need right this second.  I’m wondering if, before I jump head first into this, I should wait to work on this project until later on. Tissue paper would likely meet a sad end before too long around here.  That said, what else are basements for!?


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