This past weekend, William and I travelled back to Austin for some of our dearest friends’ wedding. I cannot even begin to describe to you how wonderful it was to be back home.  (and yes, I still call Austin home)  While I am loving it here in the PacNW, my heart is still pulling me back south of the Mason-Dixon line.  The feeling is quite contradictory because on the one hand, I’m enjoying our life here in Portland, and on the other, there is a part of me counting down the days until I can move home. Very strange with both of those feelings coexisting at the same time.  Some days one “voice” is quieter than the other.  Today, the one that’s lingering in Austin is loud and clear.

In honor of my homesickness, today I’m missing and praying for these faces…all of whom I miss dearly. (and this is by no means everyone that I miss.  Just a little snippet of the missing action) Don’t forget me while I’m gone!  🙂

In case you didn't know, this is my Momma & Daddy! I LOVE this picture by the way...don't you think my Dad needs to add a sombrero to his daily wardrobe?

THESE kiddos, Landon & Jujy Fruits, not in Austin but in the South...much closer to me when I'm in Austin than Portland!

KWM, who has been there for me since I was about 3. And we used to both really like Trolls. (hence the balloon) And I HATED those overalls by the way.

Themz going to have a bambino this year! AND I'M GOING TO MISS IT! BUT, I'll be there about a month after the bundle of love is born. Whew!

This little nugget is my niece, Claire. I mean, seriously, have you ever in your life seen a cuter little face? (the answer is no.) 🙂

My Jules-Pants-Punkin Face-Underhoozen. There are no words to the amount of missing I'm doing for you....

Priss. Who I will get to see again in OCTOBER when she gets married!!! (To another of my favorite people by the way)

And last, but so incredibly far from least, my in-laws. Who, like my parents, are just too dern far away. This picture was from last weekend at the wedding! They drove in to celebrate B+T's wedding and hug our necks for a bit!

  1. KWM said:

    awwwww I miss you too! and I still LOVE trolls! I wish I still had the troll posters that were in my playroom!

  2. Me said:

    U know Fayetteville is below the mason dixon too

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