A Selfish Little List of “Wants”

I know we all have a little list of “wants” tucked away for a rainy day.  Things that we by NO means need, but if we saved up the money, we might splurge on.  I was thinking about my list today and how comical the price range is.  All the way from things that I probably could buy to things that I never should.  Ah.  I’m a classic female.  Ha!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share my list with you.

1.  Gold Arrow Bracelet

Gold Arrow Bracelet from iadornu on etsy

2. Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup Food Processor 

One word. Woooooooow!  This falls into one of those items I shouldn’t buy!

3. James Avery “Rifle” and “Bullet” charms

Only a girl from the South would want a rifle and bullet charm for her charm bracelet. Yes I realize how old I am and yes I do still get charms for my charm bracelet.

I’m going to digress for just a second and talk about the wonder that is my James Avery charm bracelet.  Most girls I knew growing up had a charm bracelet.  Only one I know (other than myself) still gets charms for hers.  And she happens to be my best childhood friend.  She and I might as well be the same person in a lot of ways and I know she will always understand my love for my charm bracelet.

I could walk you through the majority of my life with the charms on the bracelet.  One for most of the momentous (and even not so momentous) occasions in my life.  What makes it even better is my Mom had a James Avery bracelet growing up so I have a lot of her hand me downs.  Those I cherish more than most.

And in case you were wondering, there are 59 charms on that baby and it weighs about 35 lbs.!  (it does not really weigh 35 lbs. but it is heavy as all get out.)

THE bracelet a few months ago. We have a few new additions since this was taken.

4. White Cover Edition of the Wizard of Oz original 14 book series  [Hardbound; Published circa 1965 by Reilly & Lee]

Another example of something I shouldn’t buy. But I have always wanted this version of this series. The illustrations are amazing and the artwork on the covers is my FAVORITE!

 5. Spinning Makeup Organizer

I. Love. This. It’s GENIUS!
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  1. Kate said:

    Looooove the charm bracelet shout out! I have never thought to weigh mine! I need a scale ASAP! Love you!

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