One step closer!

I know I have mentioned this a few times, but Mr. Fancy Pants was in an accident about 13 months ago and lost some of his “toofies”.  TODAY was (hopefully) his LAST surgery in this process.  13 months and multiple surgeries later, he had titanium implants put into his jaw today.  Yuck.  He is SUCH a trooper.  He is a little mean on pain medication, but he’s been very sweet today.  Last go around he raised his voice at me, gave me some nasty looks and told me I was a “buzz killer”.  So far so good today though.

On happy, drugged-up camper!

Last night was Ladies Crafting Collective Valentine’s edition craft night with my favorite creative ladies.  Instead of making him a Valentine’s card, I decided to make him a tooth card.  One of the amazing ladies in LCC has a paper cutter that can cut vector images from your laptop.  She cut me some amazing toofies for my card!

And as a side note, I’m not sure I’ve ever shared our LCC logo.  We are legit.  One of our ladies is one half of the remarkably talented duo behind Always with Honor.  Seriously check out their work if you haven’t already.  It reminds me (keeping in mind my very limited knowledge of design) of the amazing design work that came out of the WPA movement in the 30s and 40s.

Ladies Crafting Collective logo by the INCREDIBLY talented Elsa Lang from Always with Honor!

After Ms. Rachel cut my perfectly perfect teeth for me, I got started on my card.  Allyn (half of SALLYN) helped me with the card and was the brains behind the superhero tooth with a cape and she got Loretta to sit quite still while we paw-printed her for the card!  I was actually very impressed with Loretta while we were doing it.  She was quite cooperative.

“I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”

One of the other creative ladies came up with the phrase, “I love you…and that’s the TOOTH”!  It was so perfect!  On the inside of the card we have a tooth superhero with a cape and Miss Loretta’s paw print which is actually my personal favorite part of the card.

It was an overall success!  I am thankful he’s out of the woods!  Or at least done with this phase of this ridiculous process.  He has been so patient and wonderful!  It’s about time the boy has some TEETH!

The inside of the card features a note from me and a flying tooth with a cape from Loretta. OH and her paw print. 
Detailed shot of the tooth superhero and his cape. Sheer amazingness.
1 comment
  1. Adrienne said:

    Hi Sally! Super duper cute card. Hope that Will is feeling alright after his surgery – we’re thinking of you both!
    Lots of love,

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