I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants

Three years ago today, we said “I do”.  It was a perfect day.  Literally the ONLY thing I would change about the day is I forgot to put on the fake eyelashes that I bought to wear (they were supposed to look very real–not the kind I used to wear for dance recitals).  If that doesn’t tell how you how perfect our day was, then I don’t know what would!

I looked up what the “traditional” wedding gift for the third anniversary should be.  Leather.  We’ve never followed those “wedding anniversary gifts by year”, though I do think it would be sort of neat. So, this year we’re going to the Trail Blazers/Lakers game here in Portland on Thursday evening to celebrate our three years.  We’ve never been to a game here before and we’re very excited, though through an ordering mishap on my end, our seats are not so great.  Oh well.

Regardless, I am so thankful that God answered the prayer I had been praying for years.  He gave me my William, and after 9 years of dating, I finally became Mrs. William Bryant.  Best.  Day.  Ever.  Happy Anniversary sweetheart.  I love you to the moon and back.

Mr. Fancy Pants and I before the ceremony.
We did it! Headed to the reception!
Cuttin’ the cake!
First dance!
  1. Gloria said:

    Happy Anniversary! Your dress is RIDICULOUS gorgeous! It’s a shame we only get one. I wanted like a thousand dresses.

  2. Gretchen said:

    Your wedding pictures make the day look gorgeous! Happy anniversary! Congrats on three years and may it be many, many more!

  3. ninaws said:

    That dress is AMAZING. When I marry, I plan to elope but seeing that dress makes me want to have an actual wedding!

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