Screen shot from my phone of the SFERRA App.

Rarely do I find an iPhone app that I am just crazy about.  I like apps, don’t get me wrong, but I am not one that has 6,000 apps on my iPhone.  My tried and true method is (now make sure you take note of this, it might change your life) if I download it, use it twice, then forget about it, probably isn’t worth my time.  Genius, I know.

All of that said, I have found the most wonderful app!  It is a Southern woman’s DREAM!  Well maybe not all Southern women, but a large majority of us.  Like any good lady from the South, I have several sets of dishes.  I swore that I wouldn’t be this way when I got married, but I am.  Sadly (or not so sadly). So, because I am finding myself with china galore, I make sure that we use it!  Because why else do we have it!?  My weakness, though, is not for dishes or china.  It is cloth table linens.  Don’t ask me why, how, when, or where…I just love them.  And yes, every time we sit down at the table for dinner, we use cloth napkins.  None of this paper towel stuff.

100% Linen napkins from SFERRA; RE: Martha Stewart Living [November 2011 magazine]

Now, back to the app.  I was looking back through my November 2011 edition of Martha Steward Living and happened upon the above picture.  I am certain I missed it the first go-around otherwise I would have purchased these already.  I ventured to SFERRA‘s website to check out these amazing linen napkins and what doth my eyes see?!  OVER 100 COLORS OF 100% LINEN NAPKINS.  (in multiple sizes no less!)  Man was I excited and I hadn’t even happened upon the good part yet!

I am perusing their site and noticed that they have a free iPhone/iPad app!  It’s called Linens by SFERRA and it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  (Download it here)  The app allows you to coordinate your table linens to match perfectly with your dishes and china.  You take a photo of your dinnerware, touch any color on the image and instantly get its match from SFERRA’s 101 colors of Festival table linens.  It.  Is.  Amazing.

Linen Colors by SFERRA

The pictures above are from me messing around with two of my sets of china.  You can see that they give you several coordinating options to choose from.  If you don’t like those selections, you just touch a different part of the dish (i.e. another color or area) and a whole new set of options come up. You can select up to 3 coordinating colors and buy them right from the app!

Their dinner napkins aren’t quite in my price range, however they have two sizes of cocktail napkins. (this I know because I noticed a 6×6 square napkin in the photos on the website but they weren’t listed to buy, so I called their support line and they added the 6×6 option back on the site.  SO if you end up buying some 6×6 napkins, I’ll take the credit for it! :))

I ended up purchasing two sets of 6″x6″ napkins: one set in Curry, one set in Grey.  (Which happen to be the colors pictured above in the Martha Stewart add–Martha does know best…)  BOTH colors were recommended for my sets of dishes so they’ll work with both!  That’s all I have for today…just one great app that just coordinated my new cocktail napkins with my dishes perfectly.  What more could a girl ask for!?


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