Our camping adventure: Part II

View from our campsite Saturday morning.

The Eagle Scout and I woke up early on Saturday morning to do some exploring!  Here’s an incredible photo of Lost Lake on Saturday morning.  There were some awesome clouds sitting on the water until the sun broke through.  I actually enjoyed seeing them “float” above the water, though it was pretty spectacular when the sun broke through as well!

We did some hiking on the Lakeshore Trail.  In total it’s about 3.2 miles but I think we only hiked half. We would have liked to walk farther but we got hungry!  Ha!

Morning kiddies! Can you say, “Hey, I just woke up??”
Lakeshore Trail at Lost Lake
Here’s The Eagle Scout standing on a big tree trunk looking out over the lake.

So I did break out the tri-pod while we were there.  Keep in mind that there weren’t that many people around so I didn’t have the opportunity to ask someone else to snap our photo AND this way we made sure we got exactly what we wanted.  What am I saying, I’m not even going to justify taking the tri-pod! I’M PROUD OF IT! 🙂

The Eagle Scout and I just posin’ for a picture!
A little Alabama shout out. Because they are always necessary. ROLL TIDE!

After our little hike, we headed back to our campsite.  The Eagle snapped a few pictures of the campsite in the day time while I was preparing breakfast.  He worked his magic with a hat full of wood-shavings (that he carved by hand with his knife) and had this fire up and going in no time.  Which can I say is quite an accomplishment because everything was so wet from the dew and cloud mist the night before.

View of The Eagle Scout’s superb fire making abilities.
A little ariel shot

For breakfast, we made Campfire Eggs.  I have no idea, other than the obvious reason, why they would be called that.  They weren’t anything that couldn’t be done over a normal stove.  But we were talking with a friend yesterday about how when you’re camping, everything seems to taste better over an open flame!  Ha!  To make the campfire eggs, we used eggs, turkey bacon, onion, peppers, and mushrooms.

  1. First I cooked the bacon in the skillet.  We didn’t have any PAM or butter or anything so the bacon grease served us well–no, not the healthiest thing in the world but that wasn’t what we were going for.
  2. Then I threw in all of the veggies and cooked them until they were browning.
  3. Last, just throw in the eggs and stir everything together until the eggs scramble up!
We sprinkled some cheese over ours when we were done and it was goooooood.  The one thing we did forget was a morning-time drink like OJ or the like.  In the absence, hot chocolate hit the spot–though I am QUITE sure I have never had hot chocolate for breakfast before!
Me cookin’ away on our campfire eggs
The smoke from the fire in combination with how cold it was outside steamed up the lens of the camera. To which, The Eagle Scout says “Hey! I have my very own Instagram filter now!” Ah…our life.
Happy Campers!

Here, courtesy of our tri-pod, we have a quick photo of us in front of our tent that we pitched together. GREAT tent!  I would highly recommend it!  The sales guy at Next Adventure worked really hard to sell us on this tent because of the ‘X’ shaped cross bar thing it has over the top.  Supposedly gives you extra room inside of there.  SURE does.  We actually commented when we were laying inside of there how happy we were that we bought it!  So great job Mr. Sales Guy from Next Adventure!

Us and our tent!

After we packed up, we drove around the campsite for a bit to see the rest of it in the day time.  Like I said, we did a great job picking a campsite in the dark, but we wanted to see the site from the other side of the lake as well.  For perspectives sake, our campsite was over the pack of trees on the other end of the lake on the left (in the picture below).

There were some clouds lingering that morning so we weren’t able to see Mt. Hood from the campsite because it was covered up.  BUT we were really close to it.  And we saw it later on that morning!

Lost Lake–Oregon (Mt. Hood was hiding that morning behind some clouds)
I like this one of us!
The Eagle Scout lookin’ all handsome.
Me, just thankful that for once in my life I packed appropriately and wasn’t cold.
This picture is funny because we look hilarious. AND because The Eagle almost tripped and fell into the lake trying to get to where I was before the self-timer on the camera went off.

We took the “scenic” route home.  Probably a bad idea.  There was a good 15 miles of gravel road and we did take one detour because there was a huge sign up that said “Road Construction-Detour”. HUGE mistake. We should have just stayed on the road because it was fine but instead we traveled another 5 miles into the middle of NOWHERE.  There was no road, just a path where some construction trucks had driven.  It finally dead ended in the middle of the woods.  Not a good time for us.  I was a little nervous.  My little car is NOT made for off-road adventures.

We did finally make it back to the correct road (after turning around and driving back through the middle of no where to the “detour” sign…and then ignoring it which we should have done in the first place).  On our way home we got some BEAUTIFUL views of Mt. Hood.  We stopped about 6 times to take pictures.  I’m sure you can understand why!

Mt. Hood from Mt. Hood Highway
SO crazy to see it so close!
And again. This is a beautiful picture but it doesn’t even do it justice!

I will leave you with this picture.  Because I laughed for about 25 minutes after I saw it.  He really wasn’t posing.  And he has his hat like that to keep the sun out of his eyes.  But doesn’t he look like some sort of cowboy model!?  I tried to find a picture that looks similar because to me it is reminiscent of John Wayne but I couldn’t find the one I’m thinking of.  Oh well.  It’s still HILARIOUS!  Happy Camping y’all!

The Eagle Scout aka model extraordinaire!

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