Into the wild blue yonder!

Pile – O – camping gear!

Well.  Today marks my first camping trip!  We packed up the camping gear last night!  I am quite confident that when you are actually camping or backpacking (aka NOT car camping like we are) you probably take WAY less stuff.  Pictured above we have:

  • Ice chest for dinner and breakfast
  • Plastic plates I insisted on buying
  • My sleeping bag and pad thingy
  • William’s sleeping bag and pad thingy
  • 2-person tent
  • 2 collapsable/foldable chairs
  • 2 head lamps
  • Not pictured above, BUT the tripod is traveling with us.  I know I’m nuts but I want to have some pictures of us around our campfire and I’m not going to go disturbing the neighbors
Mr. Fancy Pants planned our menu.  We’re having hobo dinners for dinner tonight–still not quite sure what that is.  Smores for dessert (YES!)  And Campfire Eggs for breakfast–again not quite sure what that means but all of the ingredients are familiar.
We packed extra warm clothes and layers.  Looks like we should be free and clear of rain but it’s going to be a little chilly!  (but that’s half the fun right!?)  When I called the campground to ask a few questions she told me about 8 times to dress warmly.  Yikes!  Good news is we shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good campsite!  We’ve packed cards for some entertainment and Saturday morning we’re going to try and check out some of the hiking trails that are around the campsite.  It is such a beautiful area.  I hope to snap some good photos!
Map of the main campground

Can I just say that I LOVE that it say on the map that the nearest phone is 12 miles down the road at the FIRE STATION.  I hope ours fall in to that “most” cell phones category that work in the vicinity. We’ll be letting people know when we arrive and what campsite we’re at so that if the boogie man comes to get us, someone knows where we are.  We’re leaving right after work today!!!  AHH! Can’t wait!  Secretly, and I guess not so secretly since I just posted to the entire internet, I hope we’re home in time for me to watch my Crimson Tide beat Vandy tomorrow afternoon.  Mississippi State plays at 9 a.m. our time so we’ll miss them.  Boo!

Happy Camping y’all!  Stay tuned for a full report on Monday!

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  1. Looks like a hoot of a fun time! Hope ya’ll stay warm and let us know how the campsites are. Seems like a place Tracy and I will have to check out for camping as well.

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