Still overwhelmed…but because I forgot something!

Over the weekend I posted about being overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the things I want to do and see in the next month and a half.  I must be super-de-duper overwhelmed to have forgotten this weekends upcoming festivities.  We’re going camping!

Trying out my new sleepin’ bag! Hope the bugs don’t get what part of my face is hanging out for them to nibble on!

I am really excited about this outing!  #1 I’ve never been tent camping for real.  And #2 it’s just me and the hubby together.  Bring on the cards, campfires, and ghost stories! Mr. Fancy Pants is an Eagle Scout and loves being outside.  He grew up camping with his dad and brother and scout troop. This will be our first camping experience together!  I can tell he’s pretty excited about it and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited myself!  We had a tentative trip planned after we first moved here and it ended up falling through.  BUT we did snag me a sleeping bag that week.  William took this picture in the store when the sales guy made me climb in the sleeping bag on the floor to make sure it was a good fit. Makes me laugh!

Weather forecast for 10/7-10/8 on Mt. Hood

Also looks like the weather is going to hold out for us as well.  It may prove to be a little colder up on the mountain than the forecast says, but my sleeping bag is good for -25 degrees and above so I think I’m set!  Mr. Fancy Pants’s parents were nice enough to ship his bag up from Texas so he’s set and ready to go.

We’re headed to buy our tent today after work!  VERY excited about that.  Probably going to snag some “keep the bad kind of nature away” spray too.  (I’m a little afraid of bears and snakes…though I’m told there aren’t many snakes in OR).  We bought my sleeping bag at Next Adventure and I think that’s where we’ll go for our tent and supplies as well.  They have EVERYTHING and it’s very price friendly as well.  We are car camping so we’ll be able to take along a few “extra comforts” to ensure my first experience goes a-ok.

Mr. Fancy Pants trying on a new camping hat.

Last weekend we ran in the Portland Outdoor Store and Mr. Fancy Pants tried on this hat.  If I was a betting woman, I’d say it will probably come home with us this evening as well.  Who wouldn’t want to go camping with this guy?!  There has also been mention of a “hobo dinner” on Friday night.  I am told it is a bunch of veggies and meat thrown in some foil, and I am assured it’s good.  I’m a little curious about that one but that’s what’s on the menu for Friday night.

Our plan is to camp at Lost Lake.  It is first come, first serve and we won’t be leaving until after work so I’m a little nervous about getting a spot but we should be ok. Looks beautiful huh?  Can’t wait!!!

Lost Lake–Oregon
  1. Emily Schmidt said:

    Camping is my FAV thing to do! You will LOVE it!! Wish I was going with y’all!

  2. Whitney said:

    Hobo dinners are VERY good.
    Be safe and stay away from vampires! :]

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