Pumpkin Patch (three-peat)

Portland Pumpkin Farm

Making family traditions, though we’re not “technically” a family (with children) yet, has been one of my favorite parts of being married.  I cannot say if Mr. Fancy Pants would agree with me.  I know he tags along to humor me, but I hope that if he digs down real real deep, he finds some enjoyment in it too.

This October marks the third fall we’ve been married.  It also marks the third time I have carried him along with me to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins.  Our first two falls were spent in Austin, TX, and we traveled to Marble Falls, TX to Sweet Berry Farms two years in a row for some pumpkin fun.  (I wrote about the first trip here and apparently didn’t blog in October last year (yikes) so you can see pictures here.) The first year it rained but we went anyway.  We were almost the only people there and we had so much fun.  There really are few words for me to express how happy these memories make me.  Last year, my dear friend Tiffany came along with us.  It was a beautiful afternoon and there were TONS of people there–very different from the year before.  We still had a blast.  It quickly became an annual tradition.

This year we of course were not able to make it back to Marble Falls, but no fret.  There is still pumpkin fun to be had!  The two BEST things about fall in the NW are 1. that it actually feels like fall outside and 2. Sauvie Island.  Digressing for just a second, Sauvie Island is one of my favorite parts of Portland.  It is actually located about 10 miles NW of downtown Portland.  It is an island, hence the name, that is separated from mainland Portland by the Columbia River, Multnomah Channel, and the Williamette River.  The island is FULL of amazing organic farms, one of which we visited and I blogged about here, beaches, wildlife, rivers, lakes, etc. etc.  It is AMAZING how close to Portland it is, yet how far away you feel once you’re there.  And because I love a good map…here’s one of the island:

Map of Sauvie Island in Portland, OR

Alright, enough putting off the inevitable.  I again was in my happy place in a field full of pumpkins. William pulled our wagon of amazing pumpkins and gourds.  I again did not have a child like everyone else there.  But what the hay (pun intended).  It makes me unbelievably happy.  I did think it would be funny to look at pictures of us from the last three years.  Aren’t we just growing up!?  (and isn’t my husband a fantastic sport!?)

Pumpkin patch x3 (2009, 2010, 2011)

Here are some of the pictures from our day.  It rained on us a little bit but we didn’t mind.  We both wore our boots and rain coats and had a great time.  No corn for me this year but we did actually PICK the pumpkins off the vines which you couldn’t do in Texas.  And yes, Mr. Fancy Pants and his mad Eagle Scouting skills navigated us through the corn maze in record time.  What a wonderful, wonderful afternoon!

Pumpkins still on the vines! They are prickly little suckers!
Holding one of our punkins after I plucked it from the vine!
Oh don’t mind me. I just tripped on a pumpkin and almost fell over. Second time this week!
Us in our L.L. Bean boots! William is so happy to finally have some! Thanks Mom and Dad Bryant!  Great day to break his in!

OH and for any Portland-iers out there wondering where we went, we were at the Portland Pumpkin Farm. (though, Kruger Farms seemed to have a lot going on there too.  We would recommend either!)

Trying to show off his boots. While also falling over.
One happy, happy wife.
Mr. Fancy Pants with our wagon! He’s having a good time! I promise.
Our loot!
Me with the wagon!
Yes, there were rules. Yes, we broke them.
Here we on on a bridge that was in the corn maze.
Navigating and probably checking Twitter while in the maze.
Mr. Pumpkin Scarecrow man
One happy lady. (with really bad posture)

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  1. Sally! That is the cutest jacket everrrr! Where did you get it?
    So happy to see you have so much great stuff going on. Much love!

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