Embarking on a new adventure…

It has been decided.  We’ve thrown it around for a long time.  Dreamed about it.  I’ve decided it is time. Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants will be writing a children’s book.  We will be collaborating on the concept.  I would imagine the writing will be an 80/20 split (myself being the 80%) and the illustration will be 100/0 (myself being the 100%).  NOT.  I consider myself a novice art director, but I’m working my way up the ranks.

i’m nervous to give us a deadline on the concept since I have thought rather un-seriously about this for so long, however, if I toil over it for too long without getting anywhere, I’m going to have to slap a deadline on myself.  I know nothing about writing books.  But I do know good literature and I know a man with an eye for design.  Certainly we can figure out the rest.

We will most likely self-publish from Kickstarter to hang on to the integrity of the creation that comes out of this project.  We may be lucky enough to find a publisher that wants to publish the story as close to its original form as possible but I am hearing from others that that is highly unlikely.  Right now I have so many ideas, I’m fairly certain if you were to crack open my head (which would be quite messy) it would look something like this–

Convoluted Mind Map

–minus any semblance of organization or sense.  I’m looking forward to it though.  I’ve been looking forward to starting this project for so long.  If we’re able to pull it off, it will be such a fusion of the two of our talents (emphasis on the word IF).  I have nothing groundbreaking to share about the project other than it is.  No working titles, no nailed down characters, protagonist, or theme.  Just a drive to make a dream a reality.  Keeping my fingers crossed from here until it’s completed!

  1. Whitney said:

    more than excited about this. :]

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