Loretta Cornbread Bryant

Loretta Cornbread and William Woods

Meet our new addition!  Miss Loretta Cornbread Bryant came to live with us about a month ago.  We adopted her from the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland.  Some of you may know, most of you do not, that our Avey cat passed away on the airplane on the way to Portland.  He had heart disease and his little ticker just couldn’t handle the stress.  Losing him was a horrific experience.  I was so thankful that my mom happened to be flying with me (William was already in Portland).  I was a mess but would have been much worse had I been alone.

We lived for several weeks without a kitty in our house.  It is a strange feeling though to be used to another beating heart in the house.  I would be at home by myself and would have such an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  Avey was my constant companion for so long.  He and I bonded quickly once he finally came to live with us.  It felt all wrong to be there without him.  It felt even worse to know how close he came to making it here.  Our landlord was kind enough to let us bury him in our backyard.  We visited the Humane Society once and left without a new pet…I guess we weren’t ready yet.  When we went back the second time, Miss Loretta stole our hearts.  We watched her picture on their website for several days until Saturday rolled around.  I actually had sent a few pictures of kitties to my wonderful sister-in-law and my almost 3 year old niece had picked Loretta out of the line up and chosen her as her favorite.  (I can’t wait or the two of them to meet!!)

Loretta on her leash. Crazy cat actually likes this!

She has such a funny personality.  She has been perfect for us and learned quickly her role with each of us.  Snuggle and love on me, play with him. Ha!  I still miss my little guy Avey though.  Such a funny thing how attached we can get to our pets.  Loretta is no different–she’s got us wrapped around her…tail I guess would be the way to finish that statement in an animal’s context?  I’m not quite sure. She sports a brown and white houndstooth collar (subliminal Alabama shout out) and is READY FOR FOOTBALL SEASON.  She’s an Alabama fan, she already told me.  None of this playing Switzerland stuff for her.  She’s going to straight up cheer for my Tide.

Here’s to a long life for this little lady who has stolen our hearts!

Us girls on our way home from the Humane Society.
  1. leslie said:

    Roll Tide, kitty!!!

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