Our new ‘Social Experiment’

Token for 1 free meal at Dixieland Delight (aka what we affectionately refer to as our house)

Neither William or I can take credit for this amazing idea.  My precious friend Tiffany came up with it. Sadly, I can’t remember how the conversation got started but it ended up with us making tokens for people to come over and eat with us! (let me preface this by saying we’re handing them out to people we’ve met…we’re not inviting strangers over to our home for dinner.  Let’s not get carried away).

Mr. Fancy Pants finished up this design last night and ordered them today.  A box full of wooden nickels (pictured above) are headed our way.  We’re planning on handing them out to friends and other people that we meet and want to get to know.  That way they can cash in their token for a home cooked meal at our place. We’re thinking about using our Polaroid to take photos of everyone with their tokens when they come over.  Trying to think of other fun ways to document this project of ours.

We’re using a company called the Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. out of San Antonio, TX.  Here’s a shot of their website (I love it for some reason), and a great video featuring the company explaining their process.  I thought it was awesome that they use a 1885 Chandler & Price letterpress and can shell out over 11,000 wooden nickels an hour!  I’ve read several reviews on their products and have not found a single person with a negative thing to say.  Goes to show that doing things the old fashioned way can still be the way to go!

Old Time Wooden Nickel Co.

Leave it to my amazing friend Tiffany for continually coming up with mind blowing ideas.  Leave it to Mr. Fancy Pants to take someone’s idea and turn it in to a fun (and tangible) experiment.  And leave it to me to cook the food.

Representing our roots in the PacNW!

If you’re in Portland and want first dibs on a wooden nickel…let us know!  COME ON OVER Y’ALL!

  1. Lovelady said:

    I want one:( Wish I could come up to visit soon!

    • (letting you in on a secret…we’re mailing them with Christmas cards this year…so you’ll get one! and hopefully you’ll be able to use it sometime in 2012!!!!)

  2. Geena said:

    What a great way to inject the traditional mailed invitation with a modern sensibility. Awesome idea. Plus, the tokens are wallet sized, so (hopefully) no losses!

    And way to go Texas!

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