Sugar Pie DeSantos

Sugar Pie DeSanto

Funny thing, nicknames.  I think the best ones are the ones that just come out of nowhere and stick.  That’s how one of William’s nicknames from me came about. One evening, out of nowhere, I started calling him Sugar Pie DeSantos.  I have no earthly idea why, where it came from, why I put those names together…no idea. But he just started laughing so hard and so we stuck with it.

A few months later, I googled “sugar pie desantos” to see what would come up (clearly a day I was looking for distraction at work) and turns out there was a blues singer from the 60s named Sugar Pie DeSanto.  I couldn’t believe it!  To make it EVEN better, today during my search on the internet for a “house warming” present for William, I ran across this letterpress print from Yeehaw Industries.  It is a recreated show poster from Sugar Pie DeSanto’s show at the House of Blues.  I could not believe it!  Not only was it his nickname that was such a funny joke between us, it was created and printed by Yeehaw.  I ordered it RIGHT AWAY!  I couldn’t wait 1 day to tell him about it!

Sugar Pie DeSantos print from Yeehaw Industries

Once in a while, I find the perfect gift for someone.  This one was it!  He couldn’t have been more excited and we cannot wait to see it when it arrives on Tuesday. We’re going to try and find some of her music on vinyl.  I have never heard it before but I’m very interested to hear it.  Here’s a little blurb on her–she sounds like she was a great performer.

Words on Sugar Pie from

Sugar Pie Desanto’s career began at a talent show when Johnny Otis spotted her talent (she won) and offered her a contract on the spot. She joined his revue and he nicknamed her Sugar Pie. While she is best known for hits like “I Want to Know”, which hit #4 on the R&B charts in 1960, “Soulful Dress” in 1964, and duets with Etta James on “Do I Make Myself Clear” and “In the Basement, Part 1”, she is a songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Fontella Bass, Little Milton, Minnie Riperton and The Dells. Sugar Pie has also been known to bust out free standing back-flips on stage.

See more of Yeehaw Industries’ work here.


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