Taking a break

Though several people have been asking for an update on our current move/housing situation, which by now they’ve gotten more than they bargained for, I have realized that of late my posts have been consumed by house planning. And for my 12 readers, I’m sure if you don’t care a thing about our house in Portland, you’re pretty bored.  That said, by this point and time I figure that if you’re reading my blog we’re either friends and I’ve probably already rattled all of this off to you or you choose to read by blog because you can relate to my borderline unhealthy Martha Stewart fetish so maybe I’m ok with my current content.

Either way, I’m making taking another road today.  (Not to far off of the beaten path–let’s be honest, this 24 going on 80 year old has limited subjects in her repertoire to talk too much in length about).

Friends I’m embarking on a new gardening escapade when we move (see, still talking about the moving).  SQUARE FOOT GARDENING!

Perfect sized little square foot garden--though mine will probably have to be smaller.

I cannot wait to have space in our backyard to garden.  I’m going to have to start with some easy things because my track record is not very good.  I wrote long ago about my propensity to force my plants into a drought-like situation, begging for water in a hoarse voice that I somehow am able to ignore (despite the money that is going down the drain when I decide suddenly to stop watering everything I planted a month and a half before).

I’ve decided my practical side will relate more to a garden that is producing something of value.  Like veggies.  Something that really excites me is someone once told me that anything you put in the ground in Portland will grow.  Granted, I am taking this with a grain of salt based on the wreckage I have been able to cause here in Austin, but hey, we’ll go with it.  I’m going to start out with some peppers, lettuce, herbs and tomatoes because I have successfully grown those before.  We’ll see where it goes from there.

What I haven’t broken to Mr. Fancy Pants is the fact that he is going to have to construct said square foot garden for me.  Can’t be that hard can it?  I need to do some reading on what grows best in that climate and not go with my typical, “Oooo that’s so pretty” approach.  One way or the other, this is top priority on my list once we move.  I think this hat may help me with my endeavor.  Might need to snag one before they undoubtedly sell out.

So true. So true.

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  1. Cynthia Walker said:

    You will love the square foot garden!! This is my second year and producing loads of tomatoes and cucumbers so far. Last year I tried corn and purple hulls as well–that was a bust. Go by the book as to soil mixture, etc. Best wishes on your move. It has got to be cooler in Portland.

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