And the wait is over…

We have a home in Portland.  Finally.

The Bryant home in NE Portland, Oregon

If you know us, or talk to us much, you’ll know this has been the biggest source of stress and anxiety for both Mr. Fancy Pants and I over the last several months. We have been searching for FOREVER for a house to rent that was in a decent area, decent price, decent size…well just decent.

This was house #8 that we pursued.  All of the others we were either 2nd in line when we got our applications in, they just didn’t feel right, bad location, and we even fell victim to one Craigslist scam (long story…horrible experience though it’s funny looking back on it now).

Here are some of the pictures we have of the precious little bungalow we’ll be living in:

Dining room (where the table Mr. Fancy Pants will be building is going to live)

Living room (wood burning fireplace!! WHAT WHAT

Backyard! We're going to be hosting some mad parties here!

Back porch--we're going to spend a lot of time out here!

The landlord is amazing and is letting us repaint some of the rooms.  I’m really excited about that!  I’m in the process of picking out paint colors (which I am not very good at).  Luckily colors seem to be William’s area of expertise!

We can’t wait to move though it will be sad to leave our home and friends behind here.  BUT, we’ll have an awesome place for people to come visit!  So come on y’all!

  1. kiki said:

    so exciting that you’re moving to PDX! you’ll love it here. what neighborhood did you land in?? so many great spots 🙂

  2. savannah said:

    sally–it’s precious! i know how stressful finding a place to live in the same town is, so i can’t imagine trying to find one across the country. looks like you found a winner! i know yall will have so much fun decorating!

    ps. one of my best friends from college and his wife are moving to pdx this summer, too. sounds like an amazing place i need to visit in the future. 🙂

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