My kind of weekend…an ALABAMA weekend!

Denny Chimes on A-Day game

I was lucky enough to have gotten to spend this past weekend in one of my favorite places on earth.  TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA!  Home of the University of Alabama (where I went to college) and some of my favorite memories.  This past weekend was our annual spring game, called the A-Day game.  My cousin, Zack is looking at UA for college and I had the privilege of showing him around campus for the weekend.  I got to see wonderful old friends, spend time with my cousin and his dad, went on an amazing tour of the best stadium in college football…and well I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Precious, precious girls who let me sleep on their couch for the weekend! PPL!

Texarkana Represent! The one and only Lyd who hung out with me this weekend...dry sockets and all!

Wonderful friends--Hannah, Julie, and Lydia

I know most people have fond memories from college, but mine are especially precious to me.  When I was 18 I thought it was the best idea in the world to move 9 hours away from home.  Though it was difficult at times, I have to give my 18 year old self some props.  Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.  If nothing else, meeting these girls pictured in this post was worth every minute of homesickness I had.  They were my family for 4 years and I don’t know where I’d be without them.

SUS! Another Texarkana survivor and one of my favorite girls ever!

One of my best friends (and bridesmaid in my wedding), Hannah, now has a big fancy job with Crimson Tide Sports Marketing.  Her office is INSIDE of Bryant-Denny Stadium and she hooked us up with an amazing tour of the stadium.  My uncle even stole some Coca-Cola from Coach Saban’s fridge!

Bryant-Denny Stadium

The Walk of Champions from inside Bryant-Denny. You can see Coach Sabans statue still wrapped up and a guard sitting next to it awaiting its reveal before Saturdays game!

Here are some of the other statues of the other famous UA coaches to have brought home a National Championship.

Coach Gene Stallings, National Champions 1992. You can see the space reserved for Coach Saban in the background.

The Man, The Legend, Coach Bear Bryant (strong last name)

Coach Nick Sabans statue revealed last Saturday before the A-Day game.

Hannah and I inside the stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

We had to take a classic Bear Bryant picture.  They had just finished painting the “ALABAMA” in the end zone when we took this so I now have some white paint on the heel of my cowboy boots.  Ah well.

Coach Paul Bear Bryant

Look familiar?!

We think were cool. Ha!

For the rest of the weekend, I just spent time with old friends which is about the best thing you can do in Tuscaloosa.  So many things have changed so it’s a little weird being there and being unfamiliar with the local hangouts, but somethings have stayed the same just the way I like them!

Some of my dearest friends in Birmingham, Rachel, Jana, and Katie Mac.

One of my Pi Phi little sisters took a break from CPA studying to come hug my neck! Love her!

Precious sorority sisters at the NEW Innisfree!

Another favorite friend of mine!!

Mary Catherine who has the best head of hair Ive ever seen in my life!

I’ll leave you with this picture.  This is what the Alabama football players see as they walk out of their locker room heading out onto the field in Bryant-Denny stadium.  There is nothing else to say but THIS. IS. ALABAMA. FOOTBALL.

This. Is. Alabama. Football.

Roll Tide Roll!

  1. Sara Henderson said:

    I am the most jealous person in the world right now haha. Me and my mom are die hard Alabama fans. I was born in Alabama (We now live in Florida) and I think I have seen every game ever played by Alabama (yes even the classic ones.) We toured the college 2 years ago and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done! We also went to the Alabama Gator game last year in Tuscaloosa. These pictures are amazing! How were you able to get the epic goal post picture? That has been a dream of mine since I saw the original one with Bear Bryant. How did you get to tour the stadium and the feild like that? Please write me back and give me any advice you can on how I can possibly do something like that.

    ROLL TIDE!!!


    • Sara–
      Thanks for the comment! My years at Alabama were amazing. Best times of my life. My family is from there and it was so much fun to be there FINALLY (after growing up in Texas). I have actually toured the stadium 3 times now. My best friend in college now works for Crimson Tide Sports Marketing and she set up this past tour for me because I was showing my cousin around who may attend UA in the fall. The other times her dad actually set it up for us. He is the VP of Grounds at UA and he’s like my second dad! Such an amazing tour! Are you headed back there any time soon? My husband and I leave in 2 weeks for the MSU/UA game but it’s in Starkville this year so I will see friends but not my beloved Bryant-Denny!

  2. Sara Henderson said:

    I got accepted to go there my freshman year but I ended not being able to go cause of family issues but I’m making a promise to myself that I will definitely go!! That’s amazing that you’ve got to do that three times, WOW! And that sounds like such an interesting job, what exactly does she do? We’ve toured the campus a few times and have been to a few games, but we’ll be heading up there again at the end of November. We try to go at least of a few times a year. We’re also trying to possibly get tickets the UA/Auburn game, so hopefully we’ll be able to go this year.

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