Forage Bow Ties

I’ve pretty much fallen in love with these.  I bought Mr. Fancy Pants one for Christmas and though he hasn’t worn it yet, a nice little British man on a YouTube video taught him how to correctly tie it (quite successfully I might add). I may be a little bias, but he just looked wonderful in it!

Forage Bowtie that I purchased for Mr. Fancy Pants for Christmas

These are made by the amazing couple, Stephen and Shauna, at Something’s Hiding in Here.  Here’s what they have to say about their new line of bowties:

“why bow ties? as stephen likes to say “they’re the most practical form of neckwear”. they don’t interfere with various working methods like a dangerous, dangling neck tie. it was out of necessity for safe neck accessorizing that we created our own collection of bow ties. we call them FORAGE because gathering the perfect fabric is always quite the hunt.”

Inside of the Forage Bowtie

Each bow tie comes packaged in mason box filled with shredded kraft paper. Both functional and scores huge points on the supreme level of packaging coolness. Coolness.  Is that a word?  We’ll go with it.  Regardless, there is also a swatch of the bow tie’s fabric that can be found on the inside of the box.  Can you say amazing?


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