My husband’s a big deal y’all…

So many of you may know already BUT I wanted to share in case you didn’t! Mr. Fancy Pants was commissioned by Nike to design some tee shirts for their Global Women’s clothing line.  We’ve been anxiously waiting on pins and needles for these to be available and it’s taken so long…but our wait is over!

Two of the five shirts that he designed are now available to buy from the Nike Store!  They will be available in stores like Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Lady Foot Locker later this month.  All 5 of the tees should be available by the end of October!  Check them out here!

Nike Celebration tee designed by the one and only Mr. Fancy Pants! I already have one of these and love it. The good folks over at Nike added some glitter to the letters. Fancy y'all!

Here’s tee shirt #2!  This is the Muscle Dude tee.  This one makes me laugh! I can’t wait to get me one of these!

Muscle Dude tee designed by Mr. Fancy Pants! This one comes in two different colors!

Muscle Dude in navy

I have always known that my husband is extremely talented, but this is such a big deal for him.  SO awesome to see William’s designs on a Nike tee shirt.  I am so proud of him!  He’s pretty much amazing.  Watch out world, Mr. Fancy Pants is taking the world by STORM!

1 comment
  1. Whitney said:

    Sal, he’s a HUGE deal!!!!!!!!
    those shirts are SOOOOO STINKIN’ cute! :]

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