MSU vs. Georgia

Bryant's & Whitton's MSU cowbells!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Fancy Pants and I made the trek to Mississippi to see the Mississippi State Bulldogs play the University of Georgia Bulldogs.  We got to see many old friends and had a great time!  MSU pulled out a BIG win which only made the weekend better.  William and I got our first “family” cowbell that is now proudly displayed on our living room shelves at home.

I will admit I had a great time shaking that cowbell during the game.  Every game I’ve been to in Starkville I have been cowbell-less and they annoyed the stuff out of me.  BUT now that I have my own, it’s much better!  The girls from Georgia that sat right behind us didn’t exactly feel the same way.  There is a little cowbell icon that shows up on the screen in the stadium when it is an “approved cowbell ringing” time.  We pretty much ignored that though. Ha!  The boys and the Georgia fans had some less than positive words before the game was over…didn’t stop us though!

The Bryants and the Whittons (Landon and William were roommates in college!)

Julia and I with our cowbells in Wade-Davis stadium

Wade-Davis stadium GO BULLDOGS!

Bringing in the game ball!

I am not sure why but this picture makes me laugh. Here is William and his cowbell.

The boys and their bells. Sometimes I think that William would rather be still living Landon than me!

Me and sweet Bev

William and his other favorite roommate from college, Drew!

The Bryants and Whittons say GO STATE!

We also got to see William's best friend from childhood Ryan!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We got to see SO many people that we love dearly and miss very much.  It made it all the better that MSU won their football game!  To all our Mississippi friends, we love and miss you!  Thanks for a great weekend!

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