New Project: Update

A few months ago I posted about the project that I was working on with the photos from mine and William’s trip to London with my parents.  I didn’t want to print out a hundred pictures individually because it just seems wasteful.  That said, I am very much a “tangible” person so I wanted to do something with the pictures other than have them sit in an album on Flickr and in my iPhoto.  So, I am creating a photo book using iPhoto that will be bound with a hardback cover and so I’ll have all my photos in one place that I can show off whenever I like! Read more about my project here.

I also have commissioned my in house artist, Mr. Fancy Pants, to design a cover for the front of the book.  He is almost done with the finished product!  How talented is he?!

This is the cover for the London photo book designed by Mr. Fancy Pants

This is way past the artistic ability that I have housed in my little brain so we’ll give credit where credit is due (ahem Mr. Fancy Pants), but the inspiration and concept behind his drawing was from one of his favorite illustrators M.Sasek and his book This is London.

This is London illustrated by M. Sasek

Miroslav Sasek was the Czech artist, illustrator and author of the This Is series of children’s books (which are amazing by the way).  We have a little collection of these books and will always welcome more.  They are beautiful to look at and are great inspiration for William.

This is London is the second This Is book and undoubtedly one of the best. Sasek concentrates on the things he likes best: people, costume, transport and local details that somehow come together to form a whole impression of the city that still seems quite accurate today.  Here are some other covers from his collection that are equally as beautiful.

This is Edinburgh illustrated by M. Sasek

This is Venice illustrated by M. Sasek

This is Texas illustrated by M. Sasek


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