My sweet cousin (she’s not really my cousin, she’s Mr. Fancy Pants’ cousin but I claim her as my own) introduced me to this amazing company.  Paperwink is a stationary and product design company started by two friends, Tara and Darcey.  Read what they have to say about the beginnings of Paperwink:

“Over the years, they discovered that they have similar likes: paper, design, vintage life and putting letters and colors together. They decided to share their craft and ideas with others by creating invitations, announcements, stationery and, well, things. They packed their bags with pens, fonts, textures and inspiration and began their labor of love, Paperwink.”

Their portfolio consists of expertly designed stationary, invites, labels, notecards, rubber stamps, and on and on and on….basically any and everything you would need to be the most perfect pen pal!

I had been on the look out for some return labels that were designed well and I had come up quite short.  That is until I stumbled upon Paperwink.  Though it was a tough choice, I decided on this amazing rubber stamp instead of return labels.  The girls not only emailed me a proof before the stamp was made, they are about the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with.  I am SO pleased with my purchase and though the mailman probably doesn’t care, I stamp our return address on everything that is sent from this apartment so I’m sure he’s tired of seeing it by now!

I am not even going to lie to you.  I have sent in our electricity bill in the mail since I got my stamp rather than using our online auto-pay just so I can use my rubber stamp.  Thank you Paperwink! (and yes, I realize my address is now posted on my blog.  Call me crazy, but I trust no one is going to come track me down…)

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