My new favorite iPhone app

I have a new favorite iPhone app.  It’s called Grocery IQ.  You can read a little more about it here if my raving below isn’t enough for you.

I’m pretty obsessed with this thing.  Not only is it a great place to make your grocery list, you can customize it in so many ways.  I have a different list template for each of the grocery stores that I visit.  Each one of them is customized by the aisles in the store, which areas I visit in the store in what order, etc.  So you can see in the picture below you just start to type in whatever item it is that you want and it will list items based on the first few letters of the word (a little like predictive text) to help you make your selection.  Once you’ve chosen the item you can add all sorts of details.  For example, if you typed in ‘Butter’ it would ask what type and give you the option of stick, tub, squeeze, etc.  If you chose stick, then it would ask salted or unsalted.  Then qty, weight, lbs, etc.  I just have the free version of the app, however it is my understanding that with the paid version it will also give you the product’s price at that particular store so theoretically you’d know exactly how much you were going to spend before you set foot in the store (that is if you stick to your list!)

I will say I think my FAVORITE feature of the app is the barcode scanning feature.  First you select which grocery store to make your list for.  Then there is a little lightening bolt looking icon that if you select it, it brings up the screen below (just your iPhone camera with the white box below…the salt is what I am using for my example.  It will not always open with a container of salt.  Ha!)
You can see in the picture below where it says ‘Align barcode edges with arrows’. Sorry if you cannot see it well, but I was trying to take a picture with the barcode aligned in the center like it says, however, I kid you not, the program snaps a little picture of the barcode and reads it so quickly that I didn’t have time to get a picture of what the screen looks like!  So I had to put the ‘reading area’ off to the side so I could show what it looks like.  But after you line up the barcode in the little box it asks you to hold it still while it reads the barcode.  Then it just adds it to your list!  IT’S AWESOME! (see picture below after the item has been added)

The Grocery IQ app asks you to line up the bar code within these little boxes. You can see where it says 'Align barcode edges with arrows' in white.

Grocery IQ list after the barcode scanner has added the product to the list.

I think it’s funny that I chose our Morton’s salt container to use as an example.  Mainly because I hate salt and rarely use it!  But, whatever works for sake of the blog, right?!  I think everyone should check out this awesome app! After I organized the app in order of the aisles in the grocery store, I really do feel like I have cut into the time it used to take me to shop.  And another hint for you ladies, Mr. Fancy Pants LOVES to be in charge of ‘the list’ now that it’s on my iPhone and not scribbled on some scrap of paper.  So if you’re like me and like to have a companion at the grocery store, put them in charge of the list!  Happy grocery shopping!


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