Kitchen of my dreams

Like I said a few posts ago, I’ve been collecting decorating pictures of all kinds for a long time.  One of these days, Mr. Fancy Pants and I will own our own home and I’ll get to put all of those magazine clips to use!  Last night as I was reading some of my regular blogs, I found a link to Urban Grace.  Several months ago she featured the kitchen makeover of a friend of hers from college–they both went to Auburn University, my alma mater’s rival, I’ll try not to hold it against them–Anne Turner Carroll who worked for Cottage Living Magazine and now as the Associate Decorating Editor for Southern Living Magazine.  As I scrolled through the picture I fell in love.  The style that she chose for her kitchen is very similar to my own, an appreciate of classic and vintage themes with a nod towards industrial and modern touches.

Here are the before and after photos.  Everyone take a look at these, my own recreation of this beautiful room will be in the works somewhere down the road…also, I found the details of her kitchen renovation (i.e. cabinet and wall colors, where she purchased hardware, countertop details, etc. etc. if for some reason you’d like to know!)

Anne's kitchen before the renovations began. Loving her oak cabinets and green formica!

Before shot looking into the laundry/pantry

Before picture from the dining room. The small cutout in the wall doesn't do much for the room--what she does with it REALLY opens up the room.

And the progress begins!  She took the cabinets and raised them to the ceiling, removed the tiles from the back splash, added crown molding and paneling on the ceiling (which I love).


Here are the after photos.  Things I love the most:

  • Paneling on the ceiling
  • Shelf added onto the back splash
  • The height of the cabinets
  • Light fixtures–industrial edge purchased from Restoration Hardware
  • Cabinet hardware–also from Restoration Hardware
  • Wood plank countertops–SO beautiful
  • Two toned cabinets
  • Cut out in the wall into the dining room

Kitchen after the renovation. I love the copper and bronze accents against the earth tones.

Iwill say, I wrote about my yellow Kitchen Aid mixture a few posts ago and it still is one of my favorite possessions, however, the above picture makes me want to buy some copper spray paint!  Ha!

There she is, Anne Turner Carroll

The shelf in between the cabinets and the counter top is probably my favorite addition to the kitchen. So unique and practical.

Excellent view of the light fixtures.

View to the laundry/pantry.

My favorite picture! So incredibly beautiful.

I get so excited when I find things like this for inspiration.  But then again it just reminds me that I’m a long way away from having a home to recreate them in!  Oh well, I think it’ll make the that time even better when it finally comes.  Thanks to Anne Turner Carroll for your wonderful ideas and our look inside your lovely home. I’m anxious to see what my own adaptations result in!

Here are some random pieces that I love that would work wonderfully in a kitchen like the above–sadly I could hardly afford any of them!

Light fixtures (going to need to save up for something like this!):

Cabinet pulls:

Dining table and chairs:

  1. xoxojessica said:

    Anne Turner Carroll sorta looks like you in these photos – I think that’s a good sign that you’ll be getting the kitchen/dining room of your dreams in no time.

  2. Brooke said:

    I have the magazine this was in!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!!! IT IS MY FAVORITE EVER!!! Looks like we will probably have matching kitchens one day haha. 🙂 Great minds…

  3. Brooke said:

    Also, I wanted the copper one so bad, but its WAY more expensive than any other color (annoying), and i felt horrible registering for it. In a couple years, when ours have grown dingy we can spray paint ours together.

  4. Meghan said:

    Hey- just came across your gorgeous kitchen while on a hunt for the Frank poster. How did you purchase it? I was thinking of contacting McGarrah Jesee, but wasn’t sure if they’d sell me one!! Let me know if you have any tips.


    • Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA from my blog for a while. That poster isn’t for sale anywhere that I know of. It was designed by the amazing guys at the Decoder Ring. My husband is friends with one of them so we paid them for a copy of the print about a year and a half ago. I’m sorry I don’t have better info for you!!!

  5. Laura said:

    Stumbled across your blog…love your kitchen!! What is the paint color in your dining room? I’ve been looking for a similar color… 😉

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