Shelving Nerd at Heart

So I’m sure you’ve caught on by now that I am a genuine book nerd.  Not to say I don’t love to socialize with real people outside of the written characters that I love to befriend, but there’s a certain charm about fictional characters that I sometimes miss in people.

Naturally, I love bookshelves too, well just shelving in general.  Mr. Fancy Pants and I have some great book shelves from IKEA in our apartment to store all of our fun things. I hope to someday fill it completely with books, but for now, I do what I can.

The Fancy Pants' bookshelves

I’m always on the search for new decorating ideas. Not that I’m going to start a complete decorating overhaul in our apartment any time soon but someday in the far off future, I would love to own our own home!  When that day comes, I’m going to be ready! I have all sorts of ideas stored all over the place…now it’s just a matter of finding the funds to complete all of my dreams.  Ha!

Check out these awesome bookshelf ideas that I’ve been collecting.

One day I will have shelves with a ladder! I think ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast as a little girl I've been enamored by ladders on wheels!

Ok I know these aren’t bookshelves but they are shelving of sorts.  For a lover of mason jars and organization…what could be better!?  How awesome is this?  This makes me want to eat only food from a garden or farmers market and store it all in mason jars. Not sure why but that’s the emotion it triggers!  This picture actually reminds me of my friend Rachel.  She is a fellow lover of all things vintage and loves mason jars.  When we were in college we lived together for a year and I can’t even tell you what all uses she found for those little jars.  It was truly a talent ladies and gents.

Lovely Pantry

I think this one is one of my favorites.  How incredibly creative.

Crate grid wall unit

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