Apartment Tour! (dedicated to my bestie)

So we’ve lived in our new apartment for going on 4 months but I cannot seem to remember to put up pictures of it.  Finally, I’m at the point that I pretty much like the way everything looks so we’ll have ourselves a little apartment tour.  My best friend Kate has been waiting patiently for pictures of the place so I am posting this for her…sorry I can’t seem to remember to do this Katherine!

Our old place was 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a pretty sizable balcony, ALL in 682 square feet.  No, that’s not a typo.  It was the perfect first home for us though. In the new place, we traded the extra bathroom and bedroom for a study, a walk-in closet, and MORE SPACE! There are a few things I miss about the old place but by and large, our new home is a step up!

I’ll give some commentary through the pictures, but enjoy the tour!  And come visit me KWM!

This is our entry hall. Shout out to Frank with our print hanging on the wall. The study/guest bedroom is on the left.

A few things have changed in this picture since I took it.  I bought a really neat lamp from IKEA for the side table on the left next to the couch and I found a new place for the mail that was always on the edge of the counter.  Ha!  Drove me nuts.

Kitchen, Living Room, and Pantry (little skinny white door)

Kitchen. PLEASE don't judge me and the mess on the counter. We're in the process of doing the dishes from tonight's dinner!

Infamous shelving unit from IKEA. Best purchase we've made as a married couple!

You’ll see my bird seed in the above picture in a bowl we got as a wedding gift.  I wanted to put some sort of dried herb in it to smell good but I quickly realized it was going to cost a fortune to fill it.  So I bought some scented pine oil from Whole Foods and filled it with bird seed and tossed in the oil.  It smells great and is topped off with the antique grain scoop.  It’s like our own little Zen garden–people cannot help but mess with it.

Couch/living area with William's "man chair" from IKEA (again, we have a new lamp instead of the grain stalks on the side table)

Next is our bedroom.  I love the color we chose for the accent wall though the picture doesn’t do it justice.  The wall color is a grayish teal/blue.  It really brings out the colors of the bedding and the dark wood.  Love it.

Bed and Berkley prints!

View of the bedroom. On the dresser is now my African Mask plant in an ecru pot (beautiful) and our sweet TV is mounted on the wall on the left with some additional tree prints from etsy. We love the wildlife apparently.

This is really for my friend Kate. Only she'll be proud of how I organized the laundry room. And I don't have pictures of the bathroom, it's awkwardly shaped and hard to photographed.

One of my favorite parts of our new place is our balcony.  Though it is MUCH smaller than our old balcony (we had to get rid of our table and chairs), it gets so much more sunlight so William let me take it over for my mini garden!  If I could have a garden on a balcony I would, but this is a close second.

Pretty. Just pretty.

View the other direction on our balcony.

Last but not least, I am still not thrilled with this room.  But it’s long and narrow and I am coming to peace with the fact that it may just always look awkward.  But I still have some ideas for it.  My computer is in this room which is nice to have my own little desk, but it gets lonely in there while writing blog posts.  Someday Mr. Fancy Pants and I will have a shared work space for blogging, drawing, creating, sewing, etc.  That day is clearly not today.  BUT, we love having guests and have two beds tucked away in here…so come on over y’all!

View 1 of the guest room/study

View #2. I do love the cut out in the wall that looks into the kitchen

Now y’all come and visit!


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