Pottery by Tasha McKelvey

In order to build up the suspense of the top 5 of my favorite things…I’m going to have to make you wait another day to find out what they are.  (and I am still waiting on one of the items to arrive in the mail from my parent’s house in Texarkana, TX. Ha!)

This is the Tasha McKelvey coffee mug that I want to purchase. I love the speckled color of the pottery that it retained after it was fired.

Mixture of vases by Tasha McKelvey

In the  meantime, I have been wanting to post about the amazing work of Tasha McKelvey.  I have always loved pottery and ceramics.  Funny now that I am typing this I am realizing that I would probably really love to take a pottery class and the thought has never crossed my mind.  Regardless, ceramic bowls, plates, vases, etc. are just one of the many things I like to accumulate.  I use the word accumulate in the nicest sense–mainly considering I don’t like the word collect.  Not sure why, it just reminds me of that show on TLC called ‘Hoarders’. Living in piles and piles of unorganized stuff.  I think I am now realizing one of my worst nightmares. Frightening.

I ran across Tasha’s work on Flickr a while ago and to be honest have not yet purchased anything from her.  The reason?  I cannot decide what I want!  I have it narrowed down to about four different items but cannot make up my mind.  It’s all fabulous.

Small bowls with birds on the rim by Tasha McKelvey

I think what I like about pottery is that it is all so unique and the majority of it is handmade.  You know someone’s hands worked to create the piece.  There is something about giving someone a gift that is one of a kind that I love.  I like to think it feels more personal to the receiver of the gift as well.  What me to it the most is looking through the items that she has made, which can all be customized by material, color, style, etc., is I would consider purchasing a handmade piece for so many different people in my life.  Looking through the pictures of her work I spot things my mom would enjoy, my grandmother, mother-in-law, best friend, myself, sister-in-law, and I could keep going on and on.  As an artist, what a testament to the diversity and attractiveness of your work when it appeals to so many different audiences.

To quote the artist, this is what Tasha has to say on her website:

“My clay work is intended to be useful – this is art that is meant to be touched. In the past everything we used in the home was made by hand. Today our homes are filled with stuff stamped out by machines. When we seek out handmade art we make our surroundings a little more human.”

What an amazing sentiment.  Besides my unhealthy love for anything that can be bought at Anthropologie, which while beautiful is anything but unique or one-of-a-kind, I do try and fill mine and Mr. Fancy Pant’s house with art and objects that mean something.  One thing I have learned about myself since I have started out on my own with my own money is that I hate buying something just to buy it.  I love the search to find something that means something to me or the artist that made it.  I don’t think there is a more perfect way to decorate a home than with things that make our surroundings “a little more human”.  Props to Tasha for being an inspiration to a girl who loves art, is surrounded by art, married an artist, yet has little artistic ability.  I appreciate anyone who makes me feel a little more “unique” even if it is through something as small as my one-of-a-kind coffee mug.  I can’t wait to make my first purchase!

Yellow flowered vase by Tasha McKelvey

Set of red bowls with birds and nests on the rim


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